How to Beat Out Your Amazon Competitors with the Amazon Seller App and More


For individual Amazon sellers, the sheer size and scale of the Amazon marketplace is a double-edged sword. While Amazon gives you the chance to put your products in front of millions of potential customers, it also means you have to compete with countless other sellers, stores, and products. So how do you beat out your Amazon competitors?

There’s no quick solution for winning the Amazon buy box.

It takes a comprehensive understanding of the Amazon marketplace, the inventory and prices of your competitors, and how each niche product category sells. As you can imagine, it is common for many sellers to entrust this process in the hands of marketing professionals, such as the team at

. Here, we take a closer look at ways to improve your store to help you beat out your Amazon competitors.


The Amazon seller app is an essential tool for any individual Amazon seller. To take advantage of the Amazon seller app, all you need is an Amazon seller account. Then you can download this easy-to-use application that helps you manage your Amazon business from anywhere with an internet connection. Manage your inventory, fulfill orders, and even find new products to sell—the Amazon seller app puts you in full control of your online store. Here’s a few ways this app helps you optimize your store:

  • Analyze and track your sales.
  • Manage your orders and receive notifications when you make a sale.
  • Keep track of your payment balance from Amazon.
  • Manage your inventory and update prices on the go.
  • Respond to messages and customer reviews.
  • Take, edit, and post high-quality product images.
  • Create new offers on existing products in your inventory.
  • Find new products to sell.
  • Keep track of your returns.

The Amazon seller app is truly a powerful tool to help you effectively manage your Amazon store. By putting all these tools in one place, this app makes it easier than ever to keep track of your store and maximize sales.


In addition to using the Amazon seller app, there are many other strategies to help your store rise above the Amazon competition. Here are a few ways that you can easily improve your Amazon store and product line and rise above the rest:

1. Quality products, competitive prices.

This may seem obvious, but the true key to success as an Amazon seller is offering high-quality products at competitive prices. Of course, this isn’t always so easy as the sheer competition on Amazon makes it easy for other stores to undercut your prices. While competitive pricing is important, Amazon shoppers will still pay for quality. Perform competitor research to see what average prices are looking like. You also need to factor in Amazon fees and shipping to make sure you’re still making a profit.

2. Optimize your product descriptions.

To rank better when users are searching for your product, you’ll need to optimize the language and structure of your product titles and descriptions. Perform keyword research to know what words your customers are using. Make your product titles easy to read and comprehensive enough with all the relevant details (size, model, manufacturer, color, etc.).

With your product descriptions you get a real chance to sell your items. Using bullet points and lists can be an effective way to improve the readability of your description and keep your information organized.

3. High-quality product images.

We all know first impressions are important, right? Your product image is essentially the first impression Amazon shoppers will have of your products—so you want to make it count. Use a high-quality camera to capture crisp and professional product images. Using a white background helps focus on the product and using multiple angles will help your customers get a better feel for the item. Additionally, including measurements can be extremely helpful.

4. Research your competition.

Understanding your competition is essential for success in the Amazon marketplace. Researching your competitor’s pricing and product line, of course, makes sense, but you can take it a few steps further. Research your competitor’s product descriptions, how they use keywords, and how they market their top-selling products. Learning from the success of others often proves invaluable.

5.  Customer reviews.

Customer reviews are extremely important in the world of ecommerce. Since online shoppers are unable to physically hold and inspect these products, they often rely on customer reviews and feedback to gain an honest, neutral assessment of the product. This means you want as many positive customer reviews as possible.

According to a recent study, roughly 95 percent of Amazon shoppers are influenced by product reviews. While you certainly want as many positive reviews as possible, you don’t want to simply ignore the negative ones. Respond promptly and try to address the problem presented by the customer. Many times, the complaint will arise from sheer miscommunication. By responding in a polite and caring manner, your store’s reputation will stay positive.


The Amazon seller app is a great place to start if you’re looking to manage your online store. However, for even more insight and data, many individual sellers also use Amazon seller software (such as SellerMobile) to further optimize their store. These programs offer an unmatched level of control and insight into your Amazon store.

With advanced Amazon seller software, you can analyze your sales, track profits, manage feedback levels, and track competing stores. You can even boost customer reviews and feedback through advanced feedback automation tools, which make it easier than ever to stay on top of customer feedback.


Sure, selling on Amazon allows you to pull up a booth in the world’s largest digital marketplace, but how do you possibly stand out with millions of other individual sellers—not to mention the competition from Amazon itself? There’s no quick fix, but with smart marketing, competitor and product research, and taking advantage of the Amazon seller app, you can increase the chance that the right customers will be clicking on your products.

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