How Can You Carry Out An SEO Audit To Outrank Competitors?


It is always a delightful experience to stay ahead in the league always. SEO audit did just this for you. It is the best way to understand and then improve the rankings of your website on the search page. 

While conducting an SEO audit seems a little overwhelming, it is the right way to make progress. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a perfect way to rank your website better and reach the targeted audience.  If you are just venturing into the field of SEO audit, here are some ways to carry it out.

What Is Meant By SEO Audit? 

The process of carefully examining and analyzing the performance of your website is an SEO Audit. It is the initial way to know your progress and then carry out improvements wherever necessary.

It is the most appropriate way to start the work and improve it. Now that we know what an SEO audit is let’s see how to carry it out properly to outrank competitors and stay ahead.  

How to Carry Out an SEO Audit and Outrank Competitors? 

Conducting an SEO Audit is the first step to grow your website and leave an impressive mark. But what is the right way to conduct it so that you get the best results? Here is a complete guide to always stay ahead and mark an impression. 

  • Understand Your Customers 

The first step to making progress is to understand the customers. Once you understand the needs of the customers, you will be able to deliver what is expected from you. Researching your buyer will give you an upper hand in the industry. 

The process also includes looking for keywords that will benefit you and help your page appear higher on the search page. While there are various tools that can help you in identifying the ‘right’ keywords, WMS SERP tool is our top pick. Using the right keywords will help you target the appropriate audience and enhance your results. 

  • Identify Your Key Competitors 

Staying ahead in the competition also requires decent research on your competitors. It is always necessary that you look out for potential competition and work your best to stay ahead. 

Research and see what keywords are being used by your competitors. Is there anything that they might be doing better than you?  Always keep improving as it will make sure that you stay on the top, not just for one time. Research and incorporate both long tail and short tail keywords to improve your reach.

  • Stay Original

It is essential to study the competition but, at the same time, stay original as well. You should always stay away from exactly copying from your competitors if they are using a particular keyword or content titles to rank better that does not mean that you should use the same.

To study competitors means to understand your shortcomings and improve to reach great heights. It never means that you have to incorporate the same strategies and ideas. To stay and lead in the competition, it is essential that you stay authentic and unique. 

  • Choose the Right Keywords 

Keywords are the backbone of any good content. They help you appropriately optimize the content so that it is delivered to the targeted audience. The idea behind choosing the right keywords is not just to attract traffic but the right traffic. 

There are various tools that can help you in choosing the ‘right’ keywords, but WhatMySERP is our best pick. This can also help with PPC advertising. It is the best way to increase traffic and stay ahead of your competition.  

  • Deliver Quality Content 

The essential step if you always want to outrank your competitors is to deliver high-quality content. The quality of the content will decide whether you have the edge over others or not. 

Everything else will work only after you deliver to your audience top-notch content. You can research on topics that are ranking high and then work accordingly. You should always focus on answering all the questions that the audience might be looking for. While you are conducting an SEO audit, focus on the delivered quality of the content. 

  • Understand and Work Towards Sustainable Success

The idea behind conducting an audit is to understand your shortcomings and work towards its improvement. After you have understood the competition and worked to deliver the best content, it is also important to analyze. 

After successfully understanding, you should be able to work on the tactics and make good decisions. It is all about how you will use the information collected through research and work towards progress. Use strategies and ideas that will go on, and you will be able to sustain for a longer period of time.

It is very important that you try to stay ahead of your competition at all times. 

Summing It Up

SEO audit is an important step to outgrow your competition and move ahead of the league. While it may sound like a challenging task, it can be done by keeping a few things in mind. It is important to understand and explore your competitor, use correct keywords, and deliver the best content. Stay on top by researching and analyzing your work every now and then.