All That You Must Know About Common JST Connectors


    JST connections are electrical connectors that are built to J.S.T. Mfg. Co.’s design requirements. JST produces a variety of connection series and pitches.

    JST connectors are commonly utilized by electronics enthusiasts and consumer devices for a variety of applications like:

    • Battery eliminator circuits
    • Rechargeable battery packs
    • Battery balancers
    • Radio controlled servos.
    • 3D printers

    Often the term “JST” can be misused to refer to any little white electrical connector that is installed on PCBs.

    Which types of connectors are being referred to in the vernacular depends on the type of user and also in what context. Other manufacturers make compatible connectors, so keep that in mind. Most people will find it easier to get a JST PHR-3 adapter and connector from Alibaba or eBay.

    All these connectors also need a certain crimping tool so that terminals can be crimped to the respective wires in a proper manner to be fitted within the connectors.

    For their famous connector families, JST now offers very high-quality hand crimp equipment. The majority of these are created by Wezag GmbH, a German company for a contract crimp tool maker that will crimp all the associated contacts properly and to the right specification, but they are very pricey.

    Some of them are regularly spotted on Alibaba or eBay as second-hand items, and they are worth keeping an eye out for in case you crimp plenty of such connectors because they are easier to use as compared to even the most basic generic tools.

    There are no hand tools available for more esoteric varieties, although JST does provide a hand frame to mount dies for their applicator, which is a highly expensive solution but the only choice for production/mission-essential applications.

    • There are several generic crimp tools that are specifically built for JST contacts, unlike several other families of connectors where there isn’t much like a good generic/budget crimp tools.
    • PAD-11 (Engineering) Some may be aware of the PA-09, a pricey and ineffective gadget built primarily for JST contacts. You may find PAD-11 more expensive compared to the PA-09, however, it is much better built, contacts won’t get caught after crimping is done, and it can handle the tiniest GH/SH types of connectors.
    • IWISS IWS-2820M IWISS IWS-2820M IWISS IWS-2820M I Engineer PAD-11 on a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of Although not as well manufactured, it could be overlooked because of the substantially reduced price.
    • Due to stronger conductor crimping force, the Hozan P-707 can crimp any larger types of JST contact (e.g. 2.5mm pitch or larger) much better than the preceding two tools.

    End-users and third-party sellers on eBay frequently misname connectors, causing misunderstandings about the actual series of a particular connector. It’s fairly usual in blogs and web pages to refer to a certain connector solely by its manufacturer’s name.

    To avoid misunderstandings, it’s best to define a connector by specifying the manufacturer’s name, specific connector series, and possibly pitch, like:

    • JST-XH-2.50mm
    • JST-XH
    • 2.50mm JST XH-series.

    The official website of the JST. Co. will provide a necessary tool that can allow users to verify the authenticity and characteristics of specific models.