Check Printing For Small Businesses


It is challenging to decide what to outsource as a small business. You don’t have access to the same resources as large companies, and you need to plan carefully to protect yourself against loss.

Check printing services are simple automation services for small businesses that can’t automate more extensive infrastructure portions. These services save small businesses from lost productivity and protect them from incurring potential losses from check fraud.

Manual check writing has an element of human error that can result in lost productivity and costly mistakes. Additionally, pre-printed checks are less secure. Check printing can solve both of these problems by using an online, outsourced check printing service.

Why Is Writing Checks For Small Businesses Good?

You may believe that only large companies need check printing services because they use more of them. However, as shown in Forbes, small businesses use a smaller number of checks for larger expenditures.

So, if you’re an expanding business, printing check services can help automate your check printing capabilities and help you ensure all of your information is correct. These services will protect your business from any potential losses, and they let you focus on other areas of your business that require special attention.

What Does My Business Need To Print Checks Online?

Check Printing Software

Check writing software gives you easy access to organizing your checks, adding special features, and creating professional touches. There are various options you can choose from, such as QuickBooks and Xerox. However, Smart Payables is among the best options for pricing and security reasons.

Check Stock Paper

Check paper is different from regular paper. If you only had to buy ordinary paper, forging checks and committing check fraud would be a lot easier. Check stock paper is thicker and more difficult to duplicate.


Magnetic ink characters (MICR) is an easier font for computers to read. Because it is a unique style font, it makes check-reading more secure.

Magnetic Ink

Thermochromic ink adds another level of security. When temperature increases or decreases, magnetic ink changes color.

Industrial Printer

Typical printers that you keep at home don’t have the capabilities to print checks. Industrial printers have more capabilities and can handle all of your check printing needs.

How To Print Checks Online

The following is a step-by-step recount of how to print checks.

  1. Do you want to invest in check printing equipment yourself, or do you want to use an outsourced check printing service?
  2. Design the checks using the selected software. In this step, you should make sure your checks are legible, legally compliant, and aligned with your company’s marketing tactics.
  3. Add the relevant details like the routing number and accounting numbers. Printing the recipient’s name rather than writing it by hand will also look more professional.
  4. If this is your first time printing checks, double and triple check to make sure your information is accurate.
  5. Print the checks.

Can Companies Help Me Print Checks Online?

Many instances make it feasible for companies to print their checks. However, if your company looks for ways to specialize in your check printing process, outsourcing some check printing responsibilities can be the best course of action.

Whoever you outsource these duties to will have methods for printing checks. Deciding whether to outsource printing checks or print them in-house will likely come down to the most cost-efficient approach. Rather than buying industrial printers, envelopes, card stock, and ink, companies allow you to reduce your total check printing costs.

When Should You Outsource Your Check Printing Services?

Outsourcing any business component is difficult, and you need to consider various aspects before making your final decision. To determine whether outsourcing this aspect of your business, ask the following questions.

  • What are your per-month check needs?
  • Do you have the materials in-place to print your business’s checks?
  • Do you require special features such as security ink and company logos?
  • What are the margins on printing additional checks?

If your business has a high demand for checks, outsourcing might make sense. It lets you reduce your per-unit costs, and if your business requires customized features, outsourcing can save you time and money.

What Should My Business Look For In a Check Printing Partner

Once you decide on outsourcing your check printing services, the next step is to determine who you want to outsource your check printing services. Because there are many companies to choose from, you want to have a few questions ready to ask yourself throughout the investigation process.

The following variables will help you choose the company you want as a partner in check writing services:

  • Does the company offer an API that makes it easy for them to manage checks from afar?
  • What is the company’s cost structure?
  • Does the company have any other services like printing and mailing?
  • What is their customer service structure? Do they have representatives available to answer questions?

Conclusion- Check Printing For Small Businesses

If you’re an expanding small business, chances are, you still use checks for a substantial portion of your larger expenses. Payroll and other payment obligations require concrete strategies that keep your business protected from costly errors.

Outsourcing your check printing provides an all-in-one solution that standardizes your check printing services. Keep your business protected by implementing a proven solution and consider using an online check printing service.