Boost Your Brain Power with These 15 Mobile Apps


We live in times when excellence is expected of us in whatever we do. Whether it is about our official responsibilities or our academic challenges, we have this sheer and constant pressure to outperform in whatever we undertake. Domestic responsibilities and maintaining social circle add to this and the outcome is stress and anxiety. Sometimes, there are adverse effects on our health too.

You can try plenty of other things to improve your brainpower and relieve stress. I watch this channel with my Spectrum TV Essentials that is dedicated to enlightening people about types of meditation and yoga.

Moreover, you can benefit from a number of brain training mobile apps. These are scientifically designed to target certain areas of the human mind. They help in controlling harmful emotions like anxiety and sharpen brain and memory. Use your phone to boost your brainpower with these amazing apps.

15 Apps to Train Your Brain and Improve Memory

  1. Lumosity.
  2. Fit Brains Trainer.
  3. Brain Fitness Pro.
  4. CogniFit Brain Fitness.
  5. Happify.
  6. ReliefLink.
  7. Clockwork Brain.
  8. Eidetic.
  9. Not The Hole Story.
  10. Braingle.
  11. Personal Zen.
  12. Elevate.
  13. Peak.
  14. Duolingo.
  15. Brain Trainer Special.


This gaming app helps in enhancing various functions of the human brain such as problem-solving, memory, thought process, attention span, and so on. Each session has three games and they challenge the brain because they change every time. The user has to play against a clock while trying to complete the game.

Fit Brains Trainer

This game trains the brain with 10 different sets of games, which focus on different areas of the human brain. It helps in improving concentration and memory. The users are supposed to complete a specific task from every category on a daily basis. You can check your progress with a color-coded graph.

Brain Fitness Pro

The developers of this application claim that it can actually improve the IQ and enhance memory and intelligence. The app is user-friendly and fun. Spending 30 minutes suing this app every day can bring you results within three weeks.

CogniFit Brain Fitness

This app is developed with the assistance of neuroscientists. The app is fun and enhances the cognitive abilities of the user, including concentration and memory. You can also play various challenge rounds with your friends. This app modifies the level of complexity to suit the user profile. Based on your results, it provides recommendations. Spending around 20 to 30 minutes on the app a few times a week can notably improve your performance.


This app is designed to make you happy. The developers of this app claim so! The app is loaded with polls, quizzes, gratitude journals, and similar stuff. They are all designed to work effectively on human psychology. It helps in controlling stress and negative emotions. It works on fashioning positive psychology.


This app was initially designed for suicide prevention. It helps in tracking your mood by effectively taking the measure of all the relevant things to your mental health. If you suffer from high emotional stress, this app comes with a coping mechanism. It offers voice-recorded directions, relaxing music, and exercises. It has a map that enlightens the user about the nearest medical facilities and therapists for the treatment of mental health.

Clockwork Brain

It comes with a cute gold robot that appears every time to explain the next part of the game. you will love the setting of the game.


Want to enhance your memory? Eidetic makes use of a technique called ‘spaced repetition’ that helps you to memorize info. For instance, important words. Phone numbers, credit card credentials, passwords, and so on. It will notify you when you need to take a test to figure out what you have managed to remember. It helps you practice retaining info in your long-term memory.

Not The Hole Story

Do you have a penchant for cracking complex riddles? If yes, this app is a must-have. The app is loaded with exclusive riddles and comes with an easy-to-use interface. You will have to solve the riddles using a book. You will get all the necessary hints along the way. If you give up, it will reveal the answer. The app encourages you to broaden the thinking process and compels you to put your mind to win a challenging test.


Braingle will help you in sharpening your brain and enhancing your reasoning ability. It is full of optical illusions and riddles. This app is different from the rest of the brain training apps, which employ reaction and memory-based tests. You also get to compete with your family members or friends to figure out those fun riddles.

Personal Zen

This app focuses on brain training and is interestingly designed. The app is based on the journey of animated characters, traveling through a field of grass. The app helps in reducing anxiety and shifts focus on the positive aspects. The developers of the app advise using the app for around 10 minutes per day to witness the best results.


Elevate comes with 40 minigames. And each game is designed to boost your skills such as memory, speaking, and math. The app provides daily, weekly, and monthly rundown of the user’s performance. Upon request, your performance can be compared to other users too. The developers of the app claim that the more you train with this app, the better will be your critical cognitive skills.


Designed around your life, Peak pushes you to challenge yourself with intense yet short workouts. With a series of mini-games, you can test your memory, focus, mental agility, problem-solving capability, and so on. Scientists from universities across the world have contributed in developing this game. some notable mentions are Yale University and the University of Cambridge.


Always wanted to be multilingual? It’s never too late to learn a new language. This app makes it possible for you to speak, write, and read a new foreign language. From French to Indonesian, you have the liberty to choose from more than 32 foreign languages. It’s like a private language tutor in your pocket!

Brain Trainer Special

Just like Lumosity, this app helps to boost your memory by making you memorize phone numbers and letter sequences. You can also solve assorted math problems and ensure keeping your mind agile. The range of difficulty levels is from easy to mind-boggling!

I have used most of these apps and they have remarkably improved my performance in my workplace. I have been able to successfully deal with the daily endeavors and pressures of domestic responsibilities and maintaining my social circle. Along with these apps, I have also benefitted from yoga and meditation channels offered on my Spectrum channel lineup. Physical exercise combined with these mind-training apps has worked wonders for me!