Where to Buy Eclipse Glasses


It’s said to keep yourself safe during a solar eclipse by not directly looking at it. Well, it’s scientifically proven that looking at the moon during a solar eclipse can be harmful and deadly dangerous for your eyes and brain. It might have a negative affect on the eyesight as well as the ability to see of the person who directly looks at it. However, if you still wish to look at the event without harming yourself, all you need to do is to get a good pair of solar eclipse glasses which will protect you from the harmful rays of the eclipse. The question that arises here is, where will we get trustworthy and reliable Bifocal Safety Glasses?

E-commerce isn’t always the most reliable source to buy stuff but websites like BLJ are reliable and trusted. Websites where you can buy eclipse glasses and top gun maverick jacket stuffs like that are mentioned below;


eclipseglasses.com is one of the oldest as well as reputable company to get your eclipse glasses. They know the needs of the customers as well as what the customers want. Eclipseglasses.com helps its customers get the best quality glasses which would protect their eyes as brain whilst watching the breathtaking eclipse. Eclipse viewers and eclipse glasses block out 100% of the harmful ultra-violet rays that are emitted during the eclipse. These viewers and glasses help you witness the great eclipse with your eyes without damaging them.

Daystar.com (Solar Glasses)

Daystar filters is one of the most reliable and trustworthy companies in the history of solar viewers. It has been in existence for more than 40 years. Daystar was created in 1973 by Del Woods and has been one of the most reliable and high quality brands in all types of solar glasses available. Daystar has all kinds of solar eclipse glasses which will help the customer make sure to protect their eyes and brain from getting harmed from the ultra-violet rays of the eclipse along with enjoying the magnificent and outstanding event with their very own eyes.

Halo Solar Eclipse Spectacles

Halo solar eclipse spectacles are one of those companies which are one of the most widely used solar eclipse glasses. HALO is listed as one of the most reputable brands of solar viewers and solar filters by the American Astronomical Society. The frames in HALO are made up of naturally durable and renewable bamboos which will last for quite a few eclipses for you. The high quality frames and best quality solar glasses can allow you to look at the beautiful event without worrying about harming your eyesight or brain at any cost. Just enjoy the incredible event. The HALO products are tested in a world class facility and are certified by the ISO 12312-2 2015.

American Paperwear (Solar Eclipse Glasses)

American Paperwear is an American based company which deals in solar eclipse glasses. These glasses are high quality glasses which reflect the ultra violet rays resulting in least damaging to your eyes whilst any solar event. The products are certified by ISO 12312-2 and are said to be one of the most trustworthy and high quality brands available in the market. They have a wide variety of frames as well as distinct qualities of solar eclipse glasses.

Rainbow Symphony

Rainbow symphony store is one of the top rated stores for all kinds of glasses. Be it solar eclipse glasses or other 3D glasses. They have a wide range of amazing 3D glasses, 3D postcards, fireworks and rainbow glasses, plastic diffraction glasses and solar eclipse glasses. This brand has been in existence for more than 40 years now and has now turned into one of the world’s leading 3D glasses companies. The vision of Rainbow Symphony is to make sure to keep its customers safe from any harmful rays like the ultra violet rays of the eclipse and since it is one of the most beautiful events of the time, it gives an opportunity to people to witness it with their own eyes.

Thousand Oaks Optical.

Thousand Oaks Optical is another one of the finest and reliable websites which can be trusted by the customers. Thousand Oaks Optical is one of the ISO Certified 12312-2 2015. Their priority is the safety of their customers as well as their once in blue moon experience of witnessing an eclipse. They have a wide range of H-alpha filters, solar filters, nebula filters, dew filter, eclipse viewers and a lot more. Their products are high quality products which provides safety features along with sharp solar images. They give the opportunity to the viewers along with security and safety from those ultra violet rays.


The above mentioned companies are few of the most trustworthy as well as certified and reliable companies where you can buy solar eclipse glasses from.