The Development and Testing of Mobile Applications and Websites


According to this article, you’ll discover ways to check our company Web tasks and cell packages.

Testing is performed with the motive to discover application errors (insects) earlier than the customers stumble upon them.

We broaden tasks on the idea of the SCRUM methodology. The checking-out system is split into stages:

  • Testing in sprints (throughout the improvement system).
  • Testing after the improvement is completed (Final debugging).

Who conducts checking out and at what stage?

Testing is done with the aid of using the checking engineer. The Quality Assurance is chargeable for the great of the product launched. It’s the Quality Assurance who chooses whether or not the product is prepared to be launched or now no longer. The Company has hooked up the requirements of the cell app and Web task checking out.

  • To live within side the recognition of the task, the Quality Assurance takes components within side the stand-ups (meetings, gatherings) each day, in addition to within side the task demonstrations after the dash is completed
  • During the dash system, the programmer closes the challenge and transfers it to the Quality Assurance expert.
  • Quality Assurance examines the challenge and paperwork and outlines the troubles associated with it.
  • Quality Assurance accompanies the malicious program until it’s closed.

To describe insects we use Odoo service. Components of the trouble description:

  • Screen and page
  • The version of the running system (OS)
  • Device
  • App version
  • Browser version
  • Task framework (malicious program, challenge, Cr).
  • Bug criticality (blocking, critical, major (important), or minor (now no longer important).
  • Screenshot, if available, or some other connected material (video, documents loaded for the time being of checking out).
  • Step-with the aid of using-step play again of the malicious program (in detail, and with the realization of what’s wrong, or the manner it will be, with regards to the Technical Design Assignment or Design).

To store time there are sure regulations within side the team. For example, a malicious program that has now no longer been performed again twice – can’t be placed. If the malicious program isn’t created according to the requirements, the challenge won’t be accepted.

Testing types

Depending on the challenge, the Quality assurance expert chooses the checking out kind and tools. It’s organized as a check plan.

The Quality Assurance chooses the goal of checking out:

  • Functionality Testing of a Website
  • Usability Testing
  • Smoke Testing
  • Sanity Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Retesting
  • System Testing
  • User Interface Testing

Test plan

Before the checking out starts, the Quality Assurance prepares a check plan which includes:

  • UI checking out
  • UX checking out
  • load checking out
  • protection checking out

After the arrangements were made, the Quality Assurance embarks on gambling again on the check instances defined within side the authorized check plan.

For Web tasks, what can we look at?

A user-friendly interface:

The Website shall correspond to the layout and prototype of the Website.
At the instant of the Website handover, the catalog shall correspond to the only one within the prototype.
Comments regarding the ease of the Website usage.
Things that have been carried out within side the task, however abnormally load the system. Download the velocity of the Website on unique resolutions.


We take a look at the Website in all of the supported browsers thru Browserstack.

Download velocity:

We take a look at the Website for the running velocity:, Gtmetrix, Pingdom
According to the requirements, the rate will be 0. four seconds.

Website operation:

We take a look at the Website for damaged hyperlinks and damaged images:
drlinkcheck, deadlinkchecker

What can we take a look at for cell packages?

  • Usability
  • Screen size
  • cellphone resources (reminiscence leaks, electricity consumption)
  • Screen resolutions and OS versions (OS versions, GPS, digital digicam /loss of digital digicam, etc.)
  • App reaction to the outside interruptions
  • In-app purchases
  • Internationalization (checked in portrait and panorama modes)
  • Constant comments with the user (button’s reaction to the pressing, feedback associated with the faults)
  • Updates

Work with improvement servers

There exist 3 servers within side the task:

  • Dev – this server is used for the improvement
  • Test – this server is below checking out
  • Prod – this server is for the task release, most effective within side the occasion it is prepared.

Developers work on the development server and introduce corrections. The Quality Assurance conducts checking out at the check server.