Top 10 Android Apps & Games of the Week 2019


Top 10 Android Apps 2019: Arrived on Friday! It’s the end of another week and of course, you have a list of brand-new best apps for android 2019 – 2020 for you.

Top 10 Android Apps & Games of the Week 2019

And to kick off the month of March, we separate android applications that are a trend in the Google Play Store, with tools ranging from Instagram followers to sleep monitoring. And, of course, a brief selection of Pubg pc game to close today’s apps!

Let’s get started with the Top 10 Android Apps & Games of the Week 2019 List which you will find on Play Store!


Getting started with must have android apps, VSCO is an application for people who enjoy photography with a professional look. In it, you shoot and edit your images using cool presets and advanced camera controls, delivering incredible results. Then you just save the result or publish to social networks (there is a community of VSCO users in the app itself). As with Instagram, you can explore content from people you follow, select community works, and unique editorial content from VSCO Originals.

2. Insight Followers

If you’ve ever wondered which Instagram followers blocked you or stopped following you, or care about managing your profile in the network of photos, it’s time to meet Followers Insight. It’s much better than other best-paid android apps on play store, you can have several ghost followers, secret admirers or inactive users you cannot even imagine the idea of the app is to give you an overview of this: you can find out who these people are by tracking your followers on Instagram. This application takes the number 2 spot on our Top 10 Android Apps & Games of the Week 2019.

3. Comixology Comics

Comixology Comics is again one of the best free apps for android phones with over 700 free comic books.

  • You can get rare comic books here;
  • Read over 75000 comics;
  • They have comic books like Oni Press, Top Shelf, IDW, BOOM, Image, DC, and Marvel;
  • It’s Available on both and android and iOS platform;

4. Sleep as Android

Coming on number 4 spot in our Top 10 Android Apps & Games of the Week 2019 list is Sleep as Android app. I would say this is one of the best android productivity apps you will ever find on the play store.

How about a follow up on your nights of sleep? Whether you’re a good pillow or an insomniac, Sleep as Android is a cool tool that will do an x-ray of the most sacred hour of the day and show you how it interferes with your life. It has a smart alarm clock that records the sleep cycles. Be more gently awake, get sleep charts, understand deficit statistics or rest surpluses, find out if you snore and for how long each night and more!

5. Z Camera

Who never wanted to take that shot in the photos, to shoot the first stone? Z Camera is one of the best top 10 apps for android that brings incredible effects, outside editing tools to make you much more attractive in the photographs. With real-time filters, you can preview how your photos will look before you even take them out. Trim, rotate, apply filters, adjust image parameters and draw on your photos the way you imagine! Z camera is one of the best android apps free download on Google play store.

6. Cornerfly

The reason this application is our Top 10 Android Apps & Games of the Week 2019 list is that it adds rounded corners to your phone display to give you a much smoother look. Most cases and covers for your smartphone have rounded angles on the screen, have you noticed? This application leaves the Android screen (all applications, say by the way) slightly rounded at the corners, and you can still set the angles for each application.

7. Screen Lock

Screen lock will be the best android apps all the time in the future, Do you want to make your smartphone more charming when you’re on the lock screen? This app brings several high-quality wallpapers to decorate your phone’s screen. Several free images can be changed automatically every day, but you can also select your photos so that the app changes according to your preference.

8. Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

The Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is the best android game apps of this week, the witch Rita Repulsa does not give a break: she infected the Morphin Grid, the energy field that powers all generations of Rangers, and created several virtual monsters and clones of our heroes to fight for it. Your mission is to buy this fight and beat it, using your own Power Rangers team and the multiverse villains! Evolve your main warriors and do your best to end Rita and save the Morphin Grid from its terrible claws.

9. The Orbit Game

Top 10 Android Apps & Games: Orbit is a best puzzle arcade android game to enhance your response time and peripheral view field. The gameplay is about your timing when the planets fall and stop. It’s kind of like Tetris from every one of the 4 directions. Get 5 planets of similar colour together to clear them. Now if any planets that will fall outside of the orbit will give you negative points.

10. Justice League Action: RUN

Coming to the end of our Top 10 Android Apps & Games of the Week 2019 list, Justice League Action: RUN has to be one of the top android games Tencent Gaming Buddy. Ready to face the meanest villains in the world? So take control of your team of Justice League Action heroes right now and dump the villains to run! Between the missions, you can stop for breath watch videos, see incredible facts about the characters and read the best comics in the universe!

I hope you liked reading our android’s 10 most exciting apps list of March 3, 2019. The below list includes the best top 10 android apps & games you may like to download. The lists for the best apps and games on Android are given below!