What types of Men’s Gloves you should buy for the Winters?


The first thing to note is glove size, also known as glove size to fit your hand. The fit is considered the most important factor in choosing gloves, wearing the right gloves will help you hold things firmly, above all, will help you control the steering wheel over long distances. Especially for those of you who buy men’s winter gloves as a gift for your loved one, you should pay attention to how to measure properly the following:

Men’s winter gloves material 

As the winter men’s gloves, the main materials you choose from are wool and leather. These are two types of materials that keep warm and are more winter-friendly than fabrics. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you base on the current weather where you live to choose the best material. 

For leather winter men’s wool gloves, the first thing you notice is the very beautiful and luxurious gloves. Contrary to wool gloves, leather gloves are very durable, if you use them for decades, they will not lose its value, they are even softer and hold your hands very beautifully and more convenient. The downside of leather men’s gloves is that they require careful care because they are easy to fray, scratch and cost much more than wool gloves.

Features of use

With each different material, the specific use of each type of winter men’s gloves is also different. If you use it when riding, you should use leather gloves to ensure safety in the rain and the grip of leather gloves is also good, so it will be safer to drive than wool gloves. Note that after using leather gloves in the rain, you absolutely do not expose the gloves to the sun. If for the purpose of keeping warm normally, just 1 pair of wool gloves is enough, you do not necessarily have to spend money on leather gloves. 

Gloves are divided into two main types: long finger gloves and open finger gloves. Long finger gloves are suitable on cold days, covering the hands will help keep warm for good health. However, open-fingered gloves are always preferred because of the convenience of holding firmly or using mobile phones.

When buying gloves and wool socks, first consider the activity for which you will use them. Most mitten and glove ski gloves are made with a synthetic outer material, usually nylon, combined with a waterproof, breathable layer and some type of insulation to keep hands warm in wet conditions, cold. Anti-wear stickers on your fingers, knuckles and palms improve grip for activities like skiing and snowboarding.

Should you choose gloves or mittens?


With individual fingers, it provides greater skill than mitten gloves and is preferable if the equipment is to be handled regularly, shoe buckles and slippers are adjusted. Lightweight gloves are an excellent alternative for stamina sports like downhill skiing, where the body absorbs a great deal of heat usually.


Guants are generally hotter than gloves and although they are not isolated by the cloth, the fingertips produce more heat. They’re not as dexterous as gloves, but when you hold a skipool, ski on a snowboard down a mountain and ride refrigerated conditions, they’re still good for you.