Tips to save money at grocery shopping in Canada


If you live in Canada, you may already know the high prices of milk, dairy, and eggs that you have to pay! Well, not anymore. This article will discuss some of the tips and tricks that will help you buy groceries at a cheaper rate.

So, if you want to save money, then continue reading!

  • Don’t go grocery shopping empty stomach

When you are planning a day out, grocery shopping, then your priority should never be going out empty stomach. By the time you reach the grocery store, you will be super hungry and most probably grab all the expensive and unhealthy junk food that is not even required.

Let me tell you that Gherlin is released when you are hungry and tempted to pay more for food than anything else, and thus, it will kill the entire agenda, which is to save money. 

So make sure that you have something before you leave the house.

  • Shop the perimeter

I am sure that you must have heard of this word before; if not, let me tell you about it. Just ignore going to the middle area of the shopping store, which is a space for all the high-priced and unnecessary food items. Meat, dairy, eggs, and bakery product

s are all on the edges of the store, and it is a real grocery and better for your wallet as well. 

Apart from that you will also not waste much time and get out faster, by just making around instead of getting inside.

  • Use Brick Flyer Canada site.

It is one of the major ways by which you can save a huge amount of money on groceries. Brick Flyer in Canada consists of all the flyers and ads that will inform you about the various malls and grocery stores in your area.

Not just that, the site is always updated about various kinds of offers, flyers, and sales that are going on the nearby shopping malls.

Once you are alerted by this site, you will be able to buy groceries at a cheaper rate, and no one will come to know about it first but you.

  • Make a grocery list. 

In order to avoid taking decisions at heart and making impulse purchases, make a list of required things before you step out. This will help on focus on the items that you want. Instead of just roaming around aimlessly, you will just stop on the items mentioned in your list and quickly towards the billing counter before you are distracted by anything else.

  • Get a credit card that gives you cash back. 

It is a wise decision to make everything work for you, even when you are buying everyday essentials like toothpaste. It is a great idea to have a credit card that gives you a bonus point or cash-back whenever you purchase.

There are so many credit cards out there, just choose the one that offers maximum amount of cash-back.

  • Stock up on sales 

Most of the supermarkets in Canada offer flyers which are handed over to you right at the entrance. Just take a minute to scan these flyers, and you will find the items they are offering in sales; you can pick up that item to save money. 


So, these are some of the tips and tricks that will help you save a lot of money in grocery shopping. So, stop wasting too much money and use the Brick Flyers Canada site to keep a tab on the sales going on in the malls nearby. Good Luck!

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