QA Automation Testing Tips for Faster Product Releases



Do you agree that Quality assurance is critical for any product release? In case you are releasing a new product or an old product with an infusion of advanced functionalities, quality assurance matters!

When you are in a continuous environment of releasing your product versions, you should ensure the right set of tools and the testing environment for your QA Testers. The QA engineers and your developer team must be in sync. The team’s mutual collaboration plays a critical role in making a product release go live much faster than the usual standard time.

Here in this blog, we will discuss some QA automation testing tips and how to apply them for faster product releases. 

Quality Assurance With Right Tools For QA Engineers 

Choosing the right set of testing tools is of utmost importance. Therefore, you need to invest not only in QA engineers but, the tools that they are going to use should have the highest commitment to quality standards. Always make sure that all your resources are well-equipped so that infrastructure does not become a major key player in delaying the project test cases. 

To speed up your QA automation process, do some research on testing tools that are comprehensive enough to deliver faster results.

Here we will discuss that implementing the right set of testing tools and environment can make a product go live at a faster pace and on time. Time is crucial and so, try out the following QA Automation testing tips for your team.

Include QA Team From Start – It is very strategic planning that you include your QA engineers from the software planning phase itself. That way, they will always be aware of all phases and will contribute significantly as the product grows. They would know where the problem may arise.

Trust Potential Of Your QA Team – While you plan to develop a software product model, ensure that both your teams, the QA team, and the Development team are in a mutually respectful, cordial, and honest relationship. Because then only the information sharing will be on the same page, and both can exchange their opinions on new development while performing functional and non-functional regression testing.

Train Your QA test team – Every organisation works on a specific business domain. So, training your QA team on your business domain will help you and your team expand their business sense with clear industry goals. This way, there will be no compromise on end-users requirements and your business expectations.

Communication – A clear communication is a solution to avoid any future problems in advance. Collaborate with your team and share your honest opinions and feedback. Tell them where they are doing great but where they need to improve. Educate the QA team that they need to build a proper reporting mechanism and constantly work on priority to build a strong reputation amongst other teams.

Secure Testing Space – Provide your QA team with a secure and private space where they can perform their testing collaborations. All the testers should have their private test space for testing. Provide them opportunities to convey their issues and ideas with their QA leaders even outside the formal setups.

Design A QA Automation Testing Plan

To yield better results, we recommend the following testing plan. It is one of the best QA automation testing tips you can use every time for faster product releases. 

Know the Objective – Gather all your teams and identify the test objectives. Create a development space where all deliverables are well documented.

Identify Project Constraints – Develop a project schedule. Also, prioritise the test cases for important project components. Identify project elements and create final automation.

Create Data For Testing – Depending on how the product will perform in real-time, draft information for non-technical users such as stakeholders. Produce results by running multiple QA testing.

Test Environment – Your team can test within your testing environment. Therefore, invest in a test framework that helps you scale up your production. It should have the latest facilities to maximise your assets while you evaluate your testing properties.

Plan, Monitor, and Report – One of the key components of your test framework should be its standard practices to monitor, track and report. Create a plan for QA development milestones and compare its progress. Run timely test schedules and resource allocation plans for benchmark results.


With the digital advancement comes the tough competition too. Nowadays, launching any product that is not only innovative but wins with quality assurance is a challenge. But, to stay ahead in the game, you need to release your products faster than your competitors. To do this, leverage the potential of Automation Testing. It is your go-to strategy for all your versions.

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