5 Ways To Motivate Real Estate Sales Team


The Real Estate sales team is the heart and soul of the business. Therefore, the sales team’s performance has an immediate impact on the Real Estate business’s profitability, growth, and future. Real Estate Developers acknowledge that sales are highly demanding activities. Therefore, one needs to invariably keep their sales team motivated to keep performing at their prime. 

Why is it crucial to motivate the sales team in the Real Estate sector?

Even though sales are the lifeblood in the Real Estate sector, it’s typical to find under-motivated and disengaged sales teams that fall short of their targets and underperform. Because the average salesperson is agitated and continuously confronted with hurdles and rejections, they often lose steam if they do not pay particular attention to their motivation levels. These variables eventually lead to lower performance and sales.

Thus, motivating sales teams towards a common goal is a must to keep growing as a business. Motivating a sales team-

  • Improves their productivity throughout the sales cycle,
  • Increases their intensity to strive harder and hit their targets,
  • Brings focus and persistence to contribute to the firm’s success.

Top 5 ways to keep the Real Estate sales team motivated:

Realtors need to understand that monetary compensation is not the only thing that keeps their sales representatives motivated. Here are some proven tips to motivate the sales team so that they give their best shot while dealing with clients-

1. Set up a rewards program-

There needs to be a rewards program in action for different types of sales representatives in the business. Top performers use their experience and skills to reach their targets conveniently. All they need is a slight push and appreciation from the sales managers. 

The second tier of sales team representatives consists of those consistently missing out on assigned targets and demanding more time to grasp the industry’s pace. Setting a flexible multi-layered target to motivate them is a good practice. As they get used to the game, this will provide them with some valuable recognition to progress.

The third type is composed of novices and rookies who value social recognition above all else. Providing recognition to their work could greatly inspire them to learn and adapt quickly and work hard until they can make significant sales.

2. Organise workshops-

Workshops and webinars are excellent resources to offer professional and everyday life training to motivate the sales team. Such events could focus on the firm’s new products, packages, and offers and lessons on sales strategies, quality of life, productivity, family management, stress management, to name a few. 

3. Offer them robust CRM tools-

By introducing smart technology tools like Real Estate CRM equipped with sales and marketing automation features, realtors can motivate their sales team to work to the best of their potentials. Advanced CRMs developed exclusively for the Real Estate Industry allow sales teams to automate a majority of routine processes while also providing consumer intelligence via advanced data analytics, encouraging them to sell quicker and more effectively.

4. Provide feedback-

In the case of a sales team, feedback aids in developing goals and strategies for achieving them. Feedback should not be looked upon as a tool only to criticize but rather to enhance the efficacy and performance of an employee’s personal and professional skills. To motivate the sales reps and keep their morale high, managers must engage in constructive, not destructive, criticism.

5. Set realistic goals-

Objections will flood in whenever unachievable targets are set. Setting an improbable goal is exhausting and demotivating for the sales team. It eventually puts the sales reps at fault. Hence, goals should be challenging yet attainable so that the sales team feels driven to reach them and not get overlayed. 

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Top 3 proven tips to increase sales in a Real Estate business:

Have a look at these exceptional Real Estate sales tips that sales teams must implement to drive in more sales.

1. Focus on the right leads-

To avoid unqualified leads, make your targeted leads as specific as possible by identifying their demographics, age, employment status, residences, preferences, and so on. A CRM could help automate lead scoring and lead management processes so that sales personnel approach the right prospect the right way.

2. Craft an appealing social media strategy-

Regularly post customer-relevant content on popular social media channels to engage with the community. Realtors could target the right set of customers through paid ads by offering discounts and other benefits.

3.  Plan captivating marketing strategies-

Several marketing strategies like email and newsletter subscription, ebooks, blogs, etc., should be implemented to capture the customer’s data, display properties, upcoming projects, answer industry-related queries, etc. This way, potential leads could be identified and targeted with relevant offers for conversion. 

Bottom line:

Your sales team needs all the encouragement that it can get from you to go full-throttle and crack its demanding targets. Many of the problems that sales representatives face in the Real Estate business can be solved with reliable, efficient Real Estate CRM software. That is where Sell.Do comes in.

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Keep your sales representatives motivated with these tips, and if you want to make the absolute best of your situation, visit Sell.Do today!

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