How to Make your Real Estate App Idea a Must-Have Solution


An enterprise-grade mobile app is no longer a competitive differentiator but a necessary step towards success. It certainly improves brand visibility by offering convenience and simplifying complex processes. It is one of the crucial reasons due to which most entrepreneurs tend to jump on the mobile app bandwagon. Be it healthcare, manufacturing, or real estate – every industry wants to leverage the potential of a thriving mobile platform. However, we will limit our discussion to real estate mobile app development in this blog.

The real estate mobile app can help users to find all the information they need and enables them to get rid of visiting every property that saves time and effort. With real estate app solutions, you can let your users directly communicate with the property owners, take virtual walkthroughs of the properties, and find excellent property deals online.

Before looking at the best features that can turn your idea into an innovation, let’s go through the importance of investing in real estate app solutions.

Investing in Real Estate App Development, Why?

  1. Real-Time Communication

For a real estate business to survive in today’s competitive market, it is smart to be responsive to any answer customers’ queries then and there. With a feature like chatbots in your mobile app, you can keep your customers engaged 24*7. Moreover, it enables users to connect with agents/owners instantly, allowing them to make decisions faster.

  1. Helps Real Estate Agents to Expand Audience

Real estate app solutions help agents in many ways. It allows them to upload pictures of their properties via phone’s inbuilt camera that enables users to visualize the property in better ways. Also, with an app, they can efficiently manage the listings that make them enjoy profits in the future. From seamless communication to quick onboarding, a dedicated app does it all for you.

  1. Superior User Experience

If you are app is developed by the best real estate app development company, then it can be an added advantage for your business. Hiring skilled and experienced real estate developers guarantees maximum returns on investment in a short time. They add specific yet all crucial features in your app that can help you grow your business at scale.

There are different and unique features that you can add in your app to witness massive business growth. For better details, you can consult an android app development company about the necessary features that are in line with your business model. We will cover some vital features that significantly add value to your real estate business.

List of Top-Notch Features that You Must Include in Your App

  1. Registration

User onboarding is a mandatory step for almost all the apps; however, it should be user-friendly and convenient for the users. You can use signup customers in three ways, social media authorization, authorization via e-mail, and phone verification. For more flexibility, you can also add all three options in one app to make the process simpler.

  1. Listing and Database

The property listing is another mandatory feature of the real estate app. To showcase your properties, you can use the listing feature and list your properties with all the necessary details. This way, you can showcase a list of properties without much hassle.

With a growing business, your listing keeps on growing too. Thus, you require a database. A robust database is not only helpful in managing your listings but also keeps in a sorted way.

  1. Maps

You can’t imagine a real estate application without maps. Implementing the feature, you can offer a lot of information to your target audience. Besides showing directions, Google-maps can help you display location-wise data to your users like nearby shops, risk of natural disasters, crime rate, and much more.

  1. Property/Mortgage Cost Calculators

Cost calculators have become a smart addition to your platform. It enables users to find the most approximate cost of properties within minutes. The real estate development companies ensure that the cost calculator should be detailed enough, allowing users to calculate the amount based on different factors like payment rage, taxes, loan amounts, and loan repayment schedule.

There are many more features that you can add in your app, making your app look user-friendly and intuitive at the same time. Moreover, the addition of the latest technologies like AR, AI, and Big Data can bring positive outcomes for your business.

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How Much a Real Estate Software Development Costs

The cost of real estate app development depends on many factors like the location of an outsourcing company, features to be implemented, resources required to complete the task, and much more. Considering various aspects,

  • Simple real estate app will cost you around $5,000 to $10,000
  • Mid-Business custom app will cost you approx $11,000 to $18,000
  • Complex real estate apps will cost up to $19,000 to $25,000

For quick estimates, you can also use an app cost calculator to find out the cost of your real estate business idea. All you need to answer a few questions basis on your requirements and get quotes instantly.


Investing in the right solution and at the right time is the most crucial step ever to gain immense profits. Hire a top-notch real estate software development company that can guide you throughout the development process.

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