How to Find an Accountant for International Tax Strategy


Many companies want to expand their business beyond the borders of their countries. Likewise, some individuals plan to continue their careers abroad. In any case, every entry into the international market brings many opportunities, but it also implies some responsibilities. Among other things, it’s agreeing with the tax regulations of the country where you plan to do business or work.

If interested why you must meet your business’ taxation obligations, see the page below: 

If you plan to enter the foreign market, many opportunities await you there, but also many challenges. To succeed in making a profit abroad, you need the help of a seasoned accountant for international taxation. They can help you with tax planning and avoiding possible issues. We guide you on how to hire a pro for your needs.

Know Your Needs

Unless you’re financially savvy, it’s difficult to fully understand the taxation system in your country, let alone abroad. That’s why you need the help of a seasoned accountant. But before you hire them, it’s a good idea to assess your needs.

For example, if you plan to work abroad, you should ask yourself what obligations and rights you have as a foreign taxpayer. You need basic calculation services when it comes to tax returns. On the other hand, as an entrepreneur, you’re both an employee and a business owner, so you’re taxed two ways. In that case, you need an expert to help you manage double taxation and avoid overpaying. And in case you have several offshore companies, foreign investments, and real estate, you need an advanced-level accountant.

A critical tip is not to rush the decision to choose a preparer for your international tax strategy because you’re under stress to do it as soon as possible. Since you know when tax season is, take your time to get ready on time. In this way, you can avoid mistakes such as hiring an inexperienced accountant or forum recommendations without prior verification.

Experience and Expertise

Fooling around with taxes is a bad idea. This obligation should be taken seriously, so you should put extra effort into finding a reliable and reputable accountant. There are many experts and “experts” on the market – you need to work with the first ones, not the latter ones. 

Experience and expertise with international taxation help accountants handle different requirements, deadlines, and rules for foreigners, whether they work or run a business abroad. Seasoned preparers from Advise RE agency can help you prepare your papers and reports for federal agencies so you won’t miss deadlines, lack documents, or violate taxation rules in any way.



Your tax preparer must have a good industry reputation because it shows their expertise and professionalism in their work. That’s why reading reviews can guide you on the right path. These comments are left by people who have already used or are using accountants’ services.

In general, you need a preparer who is trustworthy and reliable. Besides a great reputation, they must have a track record of delivering high-quality service and prompt communication. They must be easy to work with, so ensure you can have a good connection with a chosen accountant.


Tax accountants have a lot of work to do during tax season, especially those who are experts in their work. Here’s how you can benefit from working with them. But when you’re in a hurry to find a preparer as soon as possible, you can make some mistakes. To avoid that, it’s important not to lose your temper and start your search long before tax season.

Once you get into the taxation system of your new foreign market, you can make the job much easier for yourself and your accountant if you prepare all the documents on time. As an early bird, you will avoid crowds, delays, and breaking deadlines for your tax return and ensure yourself peace of mind.

When you plan to expand your business abroad, your current preparer will not be of much help, unless they have proven experience in international tax planning. If that’s not the case, take your time to find an expert for foreign taxation and have peace of mind.