Top Tips to Complete Land Area Calculations in a Wink


Do you find land area calculation tiring and often find yourself wishing that there was a better way of converting land area measurements? Fret not; a land area converter can come to the rescue. Manually altering area measurement of lands can be tedious – but with a free and up-to-date area conversion calculator, the job can become easier. 

Any area converter is an online tool specifically designed to instantly convert the unit of area based on the original formula. All you need to do as a user is enter the value of the area that you wish to convert, choose the desired measurement unit, and select the unit you wish to convert into – doesn’t that sound easy?

Major Advantages of Using a Land Area Converter

There are many perks of using a land area converter. If you are hearing of a land area converter for the first time, here are some of the advantages you need to be aware of:

  • The area converter makes land area calculation error-free, as there is no need for arduous manual mental calculations. The online, easy-to-use tool reflects the value based on a formula. This is especially advantageous for individuals who are dealing in the real estate sector. 
  • A land area converter helps a great deal when dealing with land area calculation of various measurement units widely used across the country. India is a huge country, and it is divided into several states and regions, where different measurement units are prevalent – for example, square yards, hectare, bigha, acres, katha, etc.  Some of these are specific to regions and are popular among the rural population. An individual may not be familiar with all these units. The good news is even if you are not familiar with these units, you can convert them into units you understand in seconds with an area conversion calculator. You can choose whichever unit you want and feed the same values into the online tool, and the conversion will be executed in the wink of an eye.
  • If purchasing a property has long been on your mind, learning more about the various land measurement units ahead of time will serve as an added advantage. It will make it easier for buyers to purchase lands in various regions and throughout the country. With the help of the land area converter, you will be able to change the value to your preferred unit and derive accurate and reliable results. 

What Are the Uses of an Area Conversion Calculator?

In case you are wondering how an area conversion calculator could prove useful, you must go through the following points:

  • Whether you are an experienced professional in the field, wish to purchase a property, or avail of a loan on property, the land area converter tool can help convert the land value to your choice of land measurement unit anytime and anywhere in the world – and of course, on the go. You can rely on near-instant, 100% accurate results.
  • As the units of land measurement vary from one location to another, it would be difficult to maintain accuracy if the land area calculation is executed manually. For instance – in states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and up to an extent in Maharashtra, the unit of land measurement used is ‘Guntha’ while in many other areas of India, including Haryana, portions of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Punjab, the same unit is known as ‘Bigha’, ‘Pucca’, etc.

How to Use a Land Area Converter?

Using a land area converter is easy, even for first-time users. All one must do is follow the steps:

  • Choose a financial lending institution of your choice and visit their official website
  • Access the ‘Area Conversion Calculator’ listed on the homepage
  • Enter the value and choose the input area unit 
  • The online area converter will calculate the value automatically and give you the result near instantaneously
  • To find out the area for such calculations, you will first need to measure the width and length of the land and then multiply the values to get the desired land area measurement. The area conversion calculator relies on a mathematical formula to change the land measurement value from and to different units. 

The formula is as follows:

S*C = E [S equals primary value; C equals conversion factor, and E equals the end result]

Multiplying the starting unit value and the conversion factor of the unit gives the final figure.

Some Common Land Measurement Units in India

There are several land measurement units in India, and these vary from one region to another. You can make use of a land area converter or any standard area conversion calculator to alter the values to receive the desired units. Check out the list of area units and conversion units in the table here:

Unit of Area Unit of Conversion
1 Sq. mile 640 Acres/259 Hectares
1 Hectare 10,000 Sq. m./2.49 Acres (approximately)
1 Acre 4840 Sq. yd
1 Sq. km 247.10 Acres
1 Sq. yd 9 Sq. ft.
1 Sq. m. 10.76391042 Sq. ft.
1 Sq. cm. 0.00107639 Sq. ft.
1 Sq in. 0.0069444 Sq. ft
1 Sq.ft. 144 Sq. in.


Final Word

Now you know how land area calculation can be easily done with an online area conversion calculator. To avoid making mistakes and save yourself the time, effort, and hassle of going through manual calculations, start using one today. Learn more!