How to Repair Your Damaged Cooktop in Just a Few Easy Steps


If your stove is equipped with a burner that’s not functioning, you can fix it with no special equipment. To determine the cause of a malfunctioning burner follow these steps in the order listed. If the burners don’t work, you should contact an expert in service for assistance. The following list should solve 95 percent of the issues that can arise with burning equipment. Get more information about Cooktop repair

Step 3. Apply the Paste

That being said it is important to note that any repairs made with the lines that supply gas to your unit should be handled by a certified, licensed professional. If you suspect a leak in your gas supply ensure that you turn off your gas supply as soon as you notice it and call your supply company immediately. Apart from that it is important to begin by making sure whether your burner isn’t blocked. This guide also mentions other Fix-It guides for electrical cord repair as well as electrical Receptacle repair. Get more information about Oven repair

Check and replace a defective electric cooktop control panel receptacle

However, even experienced DIYers can be annoyed when they don’t have their oven’s manual, or have to use a poorly-designed appliance. Unplug the wires linking the stove’s glass to the controls. Based on the model of your stove it should be possible to stand the glass so that you can use it. If not, raise the glass and ensure it’s level before you remove the wires linking the stove top to the source of heat. Unhook from the stove’s top gas stove in order to get access to the switches as well as the spark module. The holes for the burner and pilot should be cleared of any obstructions that are blocking them and limiting gas flow.

It’s located under the oven’s panel or underneath. Put a needle in the tube to clean the nozzle, then scrub away any debris using the brush. Clean the tube as well as the slit beneath the burner that connects the pilot with the gas ports located on the opposite part of the stove.

Make sure that the power source to the cooktop is turned off. Simply remove the screws, then carefully remove the front of the cooktop.

If a surface component does not get hot, you must first shut off power to the rangeand then insert on the terminals for the device tightly in the outlet. If this doesn’t fix the issue, you should check the element ; then test the switch . The cost to purchase an alternative top to your cooktop made of glass is likely to differ based on the stove you use. In general, replacement surfaces cost somewhere between $100-$600. To clean your glass cooktop it is necessary to begin by cooling it. Shut it off completely, and then wait until the heat has gone away.

Then, take off the burner cap, the grate and the burner base that is sealed from the burner that is malfunctioning. Once these components are removed, you can examine the surrounding area of the burner to find loose or disconnected wires. Make sure to connect any damaged wires, reconnect the removed parts, and then reconnect the stove’s power to check the connections.

Make use of a permanent marker to mark the holes of the bracket, so you’ll be able to reuse the identical ones in the future. Once the bracket’s mounting is without screws gently lower it onto the insulation under the cooktop that has been propped. Once it’s there, you’re able to completely lift your cooktop until it’s completely open. Make use of a wooden prop to support the cooktop as you work on it. It’s acceptable to use a table, or cut something to ensure your cooktop is at the level you require. It is important to place your support bracket on the front center of the surface beneath so as to not cause damage to the insulation of your oven. Then , lift your cooktop’s front little to unwind the frames sides of the bracket that supports the front of the cooktop.

Do the necessary measures to fix or divert the flow of drafts. For checking the igniter make sure you take the cool burning grates from the heat. At a time, turn the burner’s knob to check whether you hear the click. If you don’t hear an emitted sound it’s likely that the igniter isn’t functioning. DeHousehold appliances are a part of the fabric of our modern life styles. You may take for granted that food items are cold and safe to take a bite of.

We have an extensive inventory of spare parts and can finish most repairs in the first visit. If your unit is in warranty, contact the manufacturer or warranty company to arrange your repair. If the unit isn’t covered by warranty, you may contact Comfort Appliance directly. Contact us now to set up an appointment to repair your cooktop. We’ll be able to get your cooktop up and running within a matter of minutes. Additionally the electric cooktops are more prone to chipping and scratching. If your cooktop has been scratched or chipped, you can call Comfort Appliance Repair – we can repair the damaged part and make your stove appear as new.