Top 15 Best IDE for pro web development [2020 Edition]



Editing codes is a very simple task that you can do with a text editor. But if you want to take your skills to the next level, an integrated development environment(IDE) is what you need. These IDE can help you out with testing, coding and debugging as well. There are a number of IDEs available for you to use, but if you want the best ones, here are some of them that you may want to look into.

Visual Studio Code

This web development IDE is ideal for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is a very strong source code editor that provides you with all the right tools and built-in support for Javascript development.


Presented by Github, Atom is another great IDE for JavaScript. 80% of developers are known to use source code collaboration tools like the Atom. It allows you to find all your projects easily and they are easily customizable according to your mode of working, with easy installation.
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Sublime Text 3

If you are looking for a free and flexible IDE, then Sublime Text 3 is the one for you. From python to CSS, it supports different programming languages and comes with enhanced pane management.


PyCharm may sound like it is meant for python only, but that is not the case. It supports different programming languages and also supports the Google App engine for greater convenience. Web development companies, like Digital Gravity, Ajath and Experion Technologies, produce specific web designs in Dubai that can be efficiently developed using PyCharm. Such a company is ideal if you are looking for unique and impactful web development for your business.

IntelliJ IDEA

This Java centered IDE is meant to take you to the best of your productivity. The most complimented feature of this tool is the automatic addition of handy tools that it finds relevant to the project. Along with that, it also comes with Git integration and an extensive database editor.


If you are working with any PHP framework, trying PHPStorm may take your web development to a whole new level. Its interface is not only aesthetic but also very easy to use and comes with remote deployment


Need an IDE that is easy to use but also loaded with features? Look no further, Webstorm is the one for you. It is capable of producing top-quality web apps and supports multiple languages. With multi-line todos and syntax error detection, this IDE makes the work easier for you.


Available in different languages, ranging from English to simplified Chinese, this IDE is ideal for all language users. It provides word and bracket matching along with code refactoring and a modifiable workspace.

Komodo Edit

This free and open-source IDE has proved to be better than people’s expectations. It features a customizable user interface(UI) that is perfect for all users and allows a number of add ons that make it easier to use.

RJ TextEd

Auto-completion, code folding, document map, and the annotation bar are just some of the features provided by this freeware IDE. It comes with Unicode support and is compatible with various languages.


This is an IDE that was specifically created by web designers who understand the struggle and needs of another web designer. With outstanding visual tools and a powerful preprocessor, this IDE has proven to be the product of choice for many web developers.

AWS Cloud9

A product of the 2010 web development, this IDE is exclusive to AWS account holders. For all such users, it provides a great set of features that include a debugger, tabbed file management, syntax highlighting, and much more.


This cross-platform IDE is lightweight and can be used on many platforms. With support for different programming languages, it also offers auto-recovery, code folding, and auto-completion of code.


Some IDEs are designed to be lightweight while maintaining all of their programming power, and Code::Blocks is one of them. It is an open-source IDE that is packed with features like customizable interface, support for plug-ins, code refactoring, and much more that makes programming easier and more effective for web developers.

Light Table

Light Table is a relatively new IDE that comes with better features as compared to the older ones. It has an extremely reactive work surface with which you can explore and create more uniquely. It also allows you to move around things according to your will and declutter as you like. It also comes with a language documentation pane and inline evaluation for creating better projects.


Mentioned above are only some of the many IDEs available for web development. There are many more of them that are all designed for different purposes. All you need to figure out is which one works best for you and use it for all of your upcoming projects in order to hone your web development skills.

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