3 Steps You Can Use to Drive Your Business Forward in 2022


After the events of the last couple of years, it can almost feel like you are starting again. The goalposts have definitely been moved, your team may have spent much of the time working remotely and is gradually learning to work as a team again or is filtering back into the office a few days at a time.

While this can be disorienting, having everything in a state of flux means that you can look at ways to take the business forward (as well as allowing for the changes that the last 18 months have thrust upon you) and implement them as your team comes back together, and have them working towards those new goals from day one.

#1 Get state of the art analysis tools (and learn how to use them effectively)

If you want to work out where you are going, you need to get a firm idea of where you are now and if what you are already doing is working or not. For that reason, you need to use some of the best BI (business intelligence) software available to measure how your business is performing, preferably one that you can tailor exactly to your specific needs.

This can be a complicated business and can involve further training to use these new tools effectively. Hiring the best Power BI consulting and training company available would be a positive step so that you will soon have all of the skills you need in-house – and be able to make confident data-driven decisions.

#2 Re-evaluate how you contact customers (and attract potential new business as well)

The last two years have changed how people interact with each other, and although recovery from the current situation continues, things will never go back to exactly the way they were. People are more used to online communication, using Zoom, MS Teams, or a similar package, and face-to-face meetings are far less frequent.

This means that a lot of the interaction you had with both current and future customers needs to be moved online, and this can be as simple as recording part of your sales message or the answers to the FAQs so these are delivered to your customer as video responses.

#3 Boost your social media presence (ensuring you look at the value of posting on all platforms)

If you are just posting on Facebook and Instagram, and maybe Twitter as well, then your social media presence is probably not as strong as it could be. While they might not seem like a fit for your niche, having a presence on Pinterest and, most importantly, TikTok can still drive traffic towards your site. These platforms have huge amounts of users, and even a small percentage of these are not the kind of numbers you would want to turn away. When you also take into account that creating content for these platforms can take less than a minute (or even just be repurposed from other platforms), you’ll see that this can be a quick, easy and effective step forward.

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