6 hidden facts that you never knew about custom gift card boxes


The phenomenon of sending promotional and discounted gift cards in envelopes has been changed with the gift card boxes. The brand’s way adopts it to give special treatment to their loyal customers. A fundamental factor that has played a vital role in making them popular among businesses is their elegant looks. Moreover, they are designed considering that brands can also send small tangible gifts or promotional material along with discounted gift cards. The cardboard material ensures their safe shipping. The luxurious box expresses the professionalism of businesses. The unboxing moment is kept in mind while designing them. Particular cardholders are crafted inside, or some elegant inserts are used to place the cards inside. Custom printing options and insulated and shiny coatings are excellent sources to convey deep feelings to the people getting the cards.

All innovative businesses privilege their loyal customers by sending them gift cards that they can use to buy desired supplies at a discounted price. Moreover, they also stay in touch with the customers and greet them over the ongoing events. Firms use gift card boxes filled with creativity as they help them in several ways. Here are the 6 most unusual facts that you might not know about them.

Promotes gift card boxes as a brand.

The use of the gift card boxes wholesale is shared among the giants of the industry. Both the retail stores and eCommerce platforms are using them for branding purposes. Amazon and Walmart are the most prominent examples in this regard. The flat surface of these boxes is perfect for displaying information about the brand over them. Other family members will also start recognizing the brand apart from the person receiving the cards in them. The logo is displayed over them using special embossing and debossing techniques.

Aids in boosting sales.

Businesses used to send the discounted cash cards in the box made of gift cardboard UK to privilege the customers and to get more sales. Amazingly both of these purposes are fulfilled using this strategy. Brands become successful in bringing their loyal customers back for more purchases by offering some lucrative discounts. Brands can also impose the terms and conditions, like making purchases up to some specific amount to claim the rewards given in cards. The same procedure is applied to both online and physical retail stores. Engaging boxes provoke them to do this instantly without wasting the opportunity.

Secures the inside cards.

Several big brands have their customer base in several regions of the world. Therefore, the shipping process involves various steps to reach the destination. These custom gift card boxes minimize the chances of tampering with the gift cash cards. It is easy to add a security mechanism by using the security stickers over the unboxing part. Therefore, customers can ensure that the rewards are still unclaimed, and they could benefit from the opportunity.

Tangible gifts with cards.

Usually, the size of these gift card boxes wholesale is kept small, and there is only a holder to hold the card engagingly. The rest of the box is kept empty, but some space is always there that brands can use for some other purposes. For example, they can send some souvenirs and cards to delight customers’ day over the events like Christmas, New Year, Halloween, or Valentine’s Day. It will make the bond even stronger between the businesses and their customers.

The attraction with add-ons.

The gift cardboard UK is preferred to ship these cards to the customers to make them look like real gifts. This phenomenon can inspire the customers and make them feel honored. It is easy to give them such a special appearance by using decorative add-ons. Beautiful silk and satin stretch ribbons are perfect to use for this purpose. The traditional gifts are also decorated using them. Therefore, the brands can create attraction for the people receiving them and provoke them for use.

Higher reusability.

The companies using the custom gift card boxes mainly focus on their higher quality to enhance their lifecycle. They do so intending to promote the reusability factor. It recognizes them positively in the industry as people will reuse them to send their loved ones. Moreover, it helps them in a word of mouth marketing and branding as all the brand information is displayed prominently over the box.

These hidden facts are the reason because of which you should also use the gift card boxes to promote the business. They have become a handy tool to derive the sales volumes and keep the customer loyal to the brand. Additionally, it is the cheapest and effective way to achieve these goals for the growth of the business.