Should I buy my child’s clothes in oversized sizes?


As winter approaches and the temperature plummets, it’s time to buy clothes for your child.

The child’s body grows quickly, winter clothes wear more, should I buy the child one size larger? I believe there are many parents will have this tangle when shopping for children’s clothing. If you want wholesale kid clothes or wholesale children clothing in bulk, welcome to

Some parents do like to buy their children a size or even a few yards of clothes, especially in winter, walking on the road, you will see many children wearing robes and coats, clothes are dragged to the ground, a long stretch of empty under the sleeves, but also some will pull up the pants, pull up the sleeves.

Why do some parents like to buy their children a size larger clothes? 

1, the child grows fast

Children are in the time of growing body, height and weight are fast. Especially within 3 years old and adolescent children, the fastest growth rate of height. If you buy just the right fit for the child, the child can not wear a few times on the small, parents feel that it is too wasteful. If you buy a size larger clothes, the child can also wear a few more months, save to buy again, both to save money and effort.

2, anti-seasonal purchase discount is strong

When it comes to the change of season, the mall will launch a lot of preferential activities, out-of-season clothes will be discounted, the discount is very strong. Seasonal hundreds of dollars of clothing, counter-seasonal is only a few dozen dollars. Parents will take advantage of this time to buy the next season’s clothes for their children, in order to adapt to the rate of growth of the child’s body, you can only buy a large number of clothes, or buy it is also a waste.

3, like the child to dress more loosely

Parents have a different aesthetic, some parents like their children to wear loose some. Especially some of the fatter children, if you buy just the right size clothes, the stomach may be obviously bulging, looks very unattractive, in order to cover the stomach, you need to buy a size larger clothes.

4, in order to be more warm

In the cold winter, children need to wear very thick clothes when they go out. If you want to wear very thick clothes inside, you need to buy bigger clothes outside as well. And the larger size clothes will also be a little longer, can wrap around the legs and feel warmer.

The reasons above seem so well thought out, are you sure of this idea too? In fact, it is not a scientific approach to buy clothes that are oversized. Clothes too big, in addition to affecting development there are more harm, save money and effort not to save!

The hidden dangers of oversized clothing:

1, some sloppy

If the clothes are too big, shoulders drooping, clothes sleeves rolled, pants rolled, clothes dragged to the ground, shoes Dirt pulling, looks very unhinged, some sloppy. All the children around you are dressed very smartly, only yourself or only a few children so, it looks very different. Children are easily ridiculed, easily isolated, and children will gradually become less confident. Although children are very innocent, but also will be judged by appearance, in expressing their own views will not consider the feelings of others, off the record, it will cause harm to children.

2, affect the body development

Tops and pants, although these clothes are not good-looking big points, but will not affect the body’s development, shoes are different. If the shoes are too big, the child can not lift his feet when walking, but can only shuffle shoes. For children who are learning to walk, can not learn the correct walking posture, but also may affect the leg shape, the future to correct it is very difficult, the child’s growth is missed is missed.

In order to maintain body balance, the child will also appear to lean forward, pouting buttocks, walking posture is very ugly, but also affect the body shape. Develop a bad walking posture, take it for granted, it is also difficult to correct.

3, there are safety hazards

If the clothes are too long, it will also cause some safety hazards. For example: the top sleeves are too long, the child in the water cup, take the rice bowl, it is easy to form interference, the end is not stable, accidentally the water cup, bowl to the ground. Pants are too long, the hem of the dress is too long, the child will accidentally step on the clothes when walking, a careless fall, the child’s body will be easily injured, knees, face are at risk of being knocked. The shoes are too big and do not fit the feet, when going up and down the stairs, or running and jumping, the shoes fall off and the child steps out of the way for a while, it is also easy to fall or break the foot, which takes at least two weeks to heal, causing pain to the child.

Therefore, I do not recommend that parents in the purchase of clothes to deliberately choose for the child size large clothes, which will have an impact on the child’s growth and development will also cause safety hazards! We should do a good job of recording the size of the clothes we buy for our children to try to avoid the phenomenon of inappropriate sizing.

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