7 Best HubSpot CMS Themes to Develop Killer Website Without Coding


“A successful website does three things: It attracts the right kinds of visitors. Guides them to the main services or product you offer. Collect Contact details for future ongoing relation.”

Almost everything is over the web. This is the reason every organization is looking forward to building thoughtful and purposeful websites. Are you also planning to step into the world of development and create an amazing website for your business; but don’t have technical skills? Need not fret! In this article, you will get all your queries resolved. 

Fortunately, there are a lot of website development platforms that allow you to create fantastic websites, but if you want to build personalized websites without technical knowledge, then I would recommend you to get started with HubSpot. It is found that there are more than 26,066 live websites using HubSpot to keep their business at the next level.  

HubSpot is an all-in-one automation tool that helps you perform marketing, services, and sales tasks under one umbrella. Well! There are tremendous reasons for choosing HubSpot. One major reason for selecting HubSpot development is it’s a marketplace. HubSpot marketplace offers you thousands of themes both for free and paid. All the themes can easily be customized and allow the users to create personalized websites as per their own requirements with zero coding. 

Are you excited to create one for your business? But don’t know which theme to choose? Here are some of the best HubSpot CMS themes that will help you develop growth-driven websites. 

Top 5 HubSpot CMS Themes for Developing Awesome Website 

Let’s begin…

Clear Theme

Do you want a free template that will allow you to create a basic and productive website? Clear theme is the best choice to make. To use this template, you don’t need any development skills or even the assistance of experts. 

It includes highly customized templates, including 1 blog template, 1 email template, 1 landing page template, and 1 website page template that can easily be customized and helps you develop responsive websites. The best part is that you can extend its functionality as per your needs by upgrading to a paid version in which you will get excellent options. 

Features –

  • Dynamic navigation
  • Highly Customizable
  • Zero codings required
  • Mobile responsive
  • Editable at the page level
  • Drag and drop editor

Briefcase Full Pack

It is another template that you can add in your checklist. It is a paid theme that offers limitless customization and allows you to build a hassle-free and appealing website in minimum time. 

In this theme, you will get 63 templates that include 1 email template, 49 website page templates, 3 blog templates, and 10 landing page templates.


  • Color and style customization options
  • Custom setup
  • Multiple banner styles
  • 15 min free consultation
  • No coding 

Startus HubTheme

Do you want to create a sleek and modern website without specialized website development skills? You can also choose Startup Hub Theme. Similar to other templates, you just need to plug the content and update the images that suit your web pages.

As it is rigorously tested, therefore there are very few chances that you might face any technical errors. In this theme, you will get 20 different templates, including 1 subscription preferences template, 7 landing page templates, 1 backup unsubscribe template, 2 error page templates, 1 subscription update confirmation template, 2 blog templates, 1 password prompt template, and 5 website page templates. 


  • Extremely flexible
  • Customization option
  • Hassle-free development
  • Intuitive instructional text
  • Drag and drop editor


Another top-notch theme that you can select for developing an excellent website is Act2.1. It will allow you to create consistent and beautiful websites that drive more leads. As it’s not available for free, so you have to buy the template for $990. 

In this pack you will get 82 templates, that includes 2 error page templates, 1 subscription preferences template, 1 password prompt template, 2 blog templates, 1 subscription update confirmation template, 1 search results template, 1 backup unsubscribe template, 17 landing page templates, and 56 website page templates. 


  • Mega menu
  • Video background
  • Tags
  • Pop-ups, sliders
  • Fullscreen sections, 
  • Flexible listing
  • Content cards
  • Both for beginners and hardcore developers 

Clean 6.1 Theme

Last but not least is the Clean 6.1 theme. It is one of the top-rated template series that are commonly chosen by organizations to develop out-of-the-box websites. It is specially built for marketers who are in love with website development, just like me. 

It is a paid theme that includes 1 backup unsubscribe template, 1 subscription update confirmation, 2 blog templates, 35 modules, 1 password prompt template, 2 error page templates, 1 search results template, 37-page templates, 1 subscription preferences template. 


  • Multi-Language Ready
  • Mega-Menu Options
  • 100% Drag-n-Drop
  • Provides video options
  • Mobile friendly 
  • Multi-Language Ready
  • Highly customized 
  • Mega-Menu Options

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In a Crux 

Indeed, there are various themes by using which you can design your website and take your business to new heights. But, the above listed are some of the most chosen themes that can help you achieve your goals. 

Whenever you select one, always keep your business requirements in mind and realize. Also, make sure to compare each feature with another to make the right choice. 

Still, if you are facing trouble in deciding which suits best for your business, feel free to inquire in the comments below.