Cosplay cape simple sewing method


Many cosplay characters have capes, and cosplayers who want to do it themselves should consider starting with something as simple as this, something that will give you success and confidence. Easy to make a cape, this one is lazy and perfect for lazy people and beginners to try.

Fabric Note: Choose a half-round fabric to make this (half-round fabric is suitable for all kinds of costumes, from large, loose and flowing capes to all kinds of shawls)

Measurements: this is a critical step. Measure from the neck to the part of the cloak that needs to be reached; multiply the above length by 2 and add 0.5 meters, which is the length of fabric needed to make a well-fitting cloak.

Cutting Instructions.

  1. Cut a 9″ wide piece of fabric for the collar band and lacing.

Cut a piece of semi-circular fabric according to the desired length of the cloak, and cut out the lining. Do the following.

1When you have a large cape and the fabric is not wide enough, you will need to attach a piece of fabric (usually with a seam) to the bottom of the semi-circle. Ignore the seam allowance when cutting the semi-circle.

2 Fold the edge of the fabric in half, then determine the neckline. At one corner of the fold, use a ruler to measure an arc with a radius of 6 inches and draw the curvature of the neckline.

3 Draw the other radius as the bottom edge of the cape. Note: The sum of the radius of the neckline bend plus the length of the cloak is the length of the radius from the folded corner to the bottom radius. Head over to Blossom Costumes to find out more about online costumes.

4 Leave a 3/4″ seam allowance on the neckline and cut off the rest of the fabric.

5 Cut a piece of lining of the same size, following the four steps above. Open and lay the cloak fabric flat, then lay the lining on top so that the fronts of the two pieces of fabric are opposite each other.

6 Use a sewing machine (or sewing needle) to sew the two pieces together. Starting at the neckline, sew a straight line, then the curve of the bottom hem, then another straight edge. Don’t sew the neckline as well!

7 Turn the cloak fabric and lining out through the opening in the collar, so that the front of all the fabric is exposed. This is called “pocketing,” look it up if you don’t know how.

8 Flatten out the seams and iron.

9 Now sew on the neckline. Connect the two neckline edging strips together, aligning the connection with the center of the neckline edge on the front of the cloak. Pin the collar edging along the neckline and sew with your sewing machine.

10 To make the lacing, fold the strips of fabric and sew to the collar edge starting at each end edge to form a tube. Turn the tubular fabric out so that the front is facing out, and iron it flat.

11 Fold the furred edges of the forestay’s collar edging strips inward, over the collar’s sewing machine stitch, and sew with a seam allowance.


If you understand the steps I’ve outlined above, then sewing a cape is no longer a difficult task for you. If you want to make your own cosplay costume, don’t miss this information. If you want a cape that fits your character, but you don’t think you can make it yourself, check out Cosplaylab, you’ll find all the cosplay costumes you need at a great price! We believe that Cosplaylab will not disappoint you.