The ultra-speed next-generation NVMe SSD Web Hosting


NVMe SSD Web Hosting the new generation hosting technology that makes hosting servers up to 10 times faster. Yes, you heard it right, the ultra-speed new-generation NVMe hosting is really very fast.

NVMe stands for Non-Volatile Memory Express that uses SSD drives and makes the storage significantly faster using the PCIe bus. Traditionally we have been using normal flash drives as hosting servers but now this new NVMe protocol made it possible to go beyond the limits. Many hosting providers claim to provide you with the 20x faster NVMe web hosting.

While this is not the reality, you still get almost 3 times faster speed with NVMe.
Almost every hosting provider claims to be the best hosting provider while not even incorporating the NVMe standard. And, those who have NVMe there in their infrastructure claim to be the best as well. But, what exactly is reality? Only, the complete knowledge of the NVMe concept and its functionality makes it clear.

But, how is it so fast? And, how is it becoming the new-age solution for all your hosting needs? Let’s try to find out.

What is NVMe Web Hosting?

You must be aware that you need a hosting server to make your content available on the Internet. And, the speed of your website is determined by the type of hosting you use. And, after the introduction of this amazingly fast NVMe hosting, the world of the Internet is thriving.

Traditionally, SSD hosting is connected using SATA like the ones we used to do with hard drives. But, the NVMe protocol makes it faster with the PCI express giving input-output queues of up to 64,000. While your traditional SATA supports only up to 32 entries in a queue. This is what makes it the new beast in the market.

And, the execution of entries at a time determines the speed of any flash drive. The support for so many entries at a time combined with the amazingly optimized software application makes it the best possible solution.

How is NVMe so fast?

Firstly, try to understand that NVMe is a protocol, and web hosting based on this protocol is referred to as the NVMe hosting. But, why is it so fast as compared to traditional hosting while using the same SSD hosting?

So, the main difference lies in the way these technologies behave. The one with the SATA and the other one with the PCIe are completely different from each other. And, there is an altogether different input/output system which is again very fast in case of NVMe.

The 16 lane PCIe allows data transfer speed of up to 16GBPs while SATA limits it to only 6GBPS. Here itself you can understand the huge difference. And, then speed is determined by the input/output queueing of data entries. In NVMe drives, you get support for up to 64,000 entries simultaneously that promises to give unstoppable speed. On the other hand, you are already aware of the 32 entries with the SATA connection.

What makes it so different?

The ultra-speed next-generation hosting NVMe SSD web hosting is so different because of the following points:

• The first difference is of the Peripheral Component Interconnect Express i.e. the PCIe and Serial Advanced Technology Attachment(SATA) connections which makes the real difference.

• Then the NVMe Web hosting does not rely on the CPU power which makes it even more unique where the processor can decide its priorities and functions smoothly. And, this is why several input/output requests can be executed simultaneously.

• NVMe protocol is quite energy efficient while giving you the ultra-speed at the same time. The power consumption is less just because of the SSDs only but in NVMe drives when PCIe connections are there and combined with the most efficient request allocations the power consumption goes even less. All this combined together makes it the best possible hosting solution.

• This is not enough because the NVMe is future-ready as well. They are going to be even faster as there comes a new technology in the SSDs. And, the manufacturers of flash drives are already working hard to get a substantial boost in the performance of SSDs.

• Artificial Intelligence is the new-age warrior in the world of ever-growing technology. And, NVMe drives are the perfect solution to AI and Machine learning. The system adapts so well that the performance boost is significantly noticeable.

• Do you like it when a page loads slowly on the Internet? Nobody likes it right? And, when you are using NVMe hosting you give your users a significantly faster web speed which makes their user experience even more cherishing.

• Similarly, when you are something different you get an edge over your competitors making you ahead of them. And, who doesn’t want to be ahead of their competitor?

What do you think of NVMe SSD hosting?

NVMe hosting offers you a dream come true scenario where you get almost everything in just a single protocol. The next-generation NVMe hosting solution is much less power consumption while giving a tremendous speed difference as compared to SATA based solutions.

This is even innovative enough to handle the innovations of the future and cope up with all the needs of a hosting provider. What else do you want in a hosting service?

It’s a hosting protocol that’s becoming more and more prominent in the hosting companies and most of the hosting providers are already adapting with the changing world incorporating NVMe solution to their VPS, Cloud Servers while some of the top tiers shared hosting plans also offer you NVMe solution.

The only problem out there is the cost as this is a new innovation. But, eventually, it is going to be cheap and to be adopted throughout the industry. And, since it gives the best possible user experience you should also consider using it provided that you can afford it.

Let us know what you think of the ever-growing NVMe hosting?