MilesWeb VPS Hosting – Is This Web Host Still Good for Growing Websites?


Your website has started growing now? That’s good news for you! But now you need to think of upgrading your web hosting to fulfil the needs of the growing traffic. Visiting would be a great consideration in this regard.

Starting with shared hosting is good as you require time to get more visitors until it becomes popular. But as the website grows, shared hosting is not able to handle the heavy traffic and your website might get crashed. This will affect your website traffic as well as you will need to re-work on your website if the data gets lost.

So basically when you are thinking of upgrading from shared hosting to other hosting option, VPS is always the best. This is because cheap VPS hosting helps to meet the demands of your website by offering scalability of resources. Additionally, you also get high security on VPS as your website is hosted on a virtual private server.

Due to the growing demand of web hosting services, there are many new web hosting companies being launched every day. This makes selecting the best one difficult for your business website. So, we have reviewed the best VPS hosting provider of India that completes all the requirements of your website and offers great website performance.

MilesWeb: Introduction and History

An industry-leading web hosting company, MilesWeb has successfully made its name in the competitive web hosting market. You will get different hosting plans that accommodate businesses of all sizes. 

MilesWeb was launched as a web hosting company in 2012. Since then, it has grown into a trusted web hosting company that has become popular all over the globe. It hosts over 16000 websites and their clients are continuously growing.

But you need to find out if it is good for your growing website.

This comprehensive MilesWeb review will highlight MilesWeb’s performance, pricing, features, and more. By the end of this, you will get a clear understanding of how MilesWeb works and whether it delivers what it promises.

Let’s now take a look at their VPS hosting plans.

VPS Hosting Plans

MilesWeb offers managed VPS hosting plans based on the cloud infrastructure with built-in SSD storage and high performance Intel CPUs.

Linux VPS Hosting Plans

Linux VPS Hosting Plans

Windows VPS Hosting

Windows VPS Hosting

Key Features of Linux VPS Hosting

Cloud Powered VPS: Their managed VPS hosting plans are powered by cloud that offers scalability and flexibility. You get the best I/O performance with their VPS plans.

Select Your OS: MilesWeb allows you to select your own operating system so that you can work comfortably. With Linux VPS hosting, you get CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora to select your preferred operating system. You get full root access with their Linux VPS hosting plans. 

Select Your Control Panel: You can select your choice of control panel to simplify your VPS management task. cPanel and Plesk are two industry leading control panel offered by MilesWeb.

SSDs: You get SSD drives built-in on their servers that offer you the best performance by using flash technology. They are also fast and durable as compared to HDDs.

Free VPS Management: Server management is no more a headache with MilesWeb. Their team deploys, optimizes and manages your complete VPS server without asking for extra charges.

SSH & Root Access: You can have complete control over your VPS environment with full root SSH access.

Resource Monitoring Dashboard: The resource monitoring dashboard is simple and user-friendly. You can monitor memory usage, reboot VPS, check server load and manage other configurations of your VPS server.

Host Unlimited Websites: There is no restriction on number of websites you can host. It is possible to host unlimited websites under a single VPS account. 

Free VPS Migration: If you are tired of waiting for long to get your queries resolved with your current VPS host, you can anytime migrate to MilesWeb VPS. Their team takes care of your VPS migration with all your website data being migrated securely that too free of cost.

Instant Provisioning: You don’t need to wait for hours or days to get your VPS setup ready. Their team deploys your plans quickly after you complete the order and verify the payment.

 No Setup Fee: They don’t charge you extra for getting your account setup. Just pay the price given on the website for the best VPS plan.

Robust Infrastructure: Their VPS hosting plans are built with robust infrastructure which includes technology from big players such as Dell, HP, Cisco and Supermicro. With this, you get best uptime and stability.

Enterprise-Grade Hardware: Their VPS servers are setup on cloud infrastructure that is built with enterprise-grade hardware. This includes SSD technology, powerful Intel Xeon processors, and 128GB of RAM per server.

24/7/365 Support: MilesWeb’s team is available 24/7 to help you and offer a great hosting experience. You can contact them via live chat and email in case you face any issue with the VPS.

Online Knowledge base Videos

Apart from this, you can also take a look at their vast knowledge base videos here:

What Their Customers Comment About Them?

The End Point

With this review you might have observed that customers love hosting with MilesWeb due to their best service and customer support. Also, you get all the features needed to run your website on a VPS server. Since all the management tasks are taken over by their team, you can easily concentrate on your business growth. This is what makes them good for growing websites.