Update: Know About The Latest Guide For The Visitor Visa Streams For Australia


Australia is known for its iconic beautiful places, which can amaze any individual of the planet with blissful appeal and charismatic lifestyle.

People from all around the globe come in millions every year to witness the beauty of this commonwealth nation and don’t shy away from getting stunned with its iconic architecture.

To enter Australia for the sake of travelling or a short business or medical purposes, there are multiple ways of processing the visa application.

As every person has its purpose of going to any destination, an individual according to his intention can select different tourist streams.

Below are some different visa streams which can help the applicant in understanding the difference and choosing the most appropriate for them.

Understanding the different visa stream and their purpose is not possible for everyone as some people find it very complex where some people find it easy because of their previous experiences.

For the ones who have no prior experience in travelling to foreign countries and not aware of their visa process, taking the help of genuine visa consultants Perth can solve all their issues.

The consultants have all the necessary knowledge of the policies and how to prepare and present documents for successful conversion.

Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) (subclass 601) Visa 

This visa will make it possible for you to enter Australia on a traveller or for a work basis. With the help of eta subclass 601 visa, the applicant is free to travel to Australia for unlimited occasions for a year.  Australia on boundless events in a year.

With the help of this visa, you can stay as long as 3 months on each visit. With the help of this type of Visa, you can :

  • Perform Business Activities in Australia.
  • Perform Government duties like inspection or visit.
  • Taking part in conferences, exchange fairs or workshops.

Subclass 651 Visa

With this visa, you can stay in Australia for as long as 3 months in a year during each visit during the year from the date it concedes the Visitor. 

Visitor Visa 600

A visitor visa subclass 600 will permit individuals who wish to head out to Australia as vacationers, for business or to see family. It is a transitory visa. This visa has four streams: 

Tourist  Stream 

It creates this stream of tourist visa 600 for individuals who are planning to make a trip to Australia for the occasion.

The applicants need to prove that their sole intention to visit Australia is to travel and return to their home nation. 

The applicant needs to take care of aspects like 12-month health cover which ensures that you are fully covered when you are travelling in Australia. They could solicit you to give proof from a year of medical coverage when you apply for the visa.

Business Visitor Stream 

This stream of tourist visa 600  visa is Intended for individuals heading out to Australia with the end goal of a brief business visit.

This stream of visa includes making an overall business or work enquiry, dealings or taking an interest in a meeting.

For the applicants who are applying for this stream of visa, they must be able to show proof of The background of their business or work.

A strong business intention or need to visit Australia. 

Supported Family Stream 

This stream of visas is created for the ones who are looking forward to visiting Australia for the purpose of meeting their family members.

For the applicants, it is essential to show the sponsor who might be asked to provide a bond. The applicant also needs to prove or show that: 

They are travelling to Australia as an authentic guest.

They also have support or sponsorship of the Australian Government or their relatives.

Affirmed Destination Stream 

Although this stream solely applies for the residents of China who are travelling to Australia in a well planned or sorted manner. Only the genuine citizens of China apply for this stream of visa. 

The above-mentioned visa streams can make it possible for individuals to travel to Australia and explore its iconic beauty.

It is true that every person’s intention of going to Australia cannot be the same as some go for leisure whereas some go for satisfying their business priorities. 

If you are also the one who is looking forward to visiting Australia and find yourself confused with visa streams as you aren’t aware of the purpose they have to solve and how it can help you, taking help from a certified Migration Agent Perth is a good option.

The certified agents have a clear understanding of the rules and regulations and their dynamic policies.

They will also take care of all the concerned paperwork and make sure you present a clear file to the Department of Home Affairs, which converts smoothly.