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Kim Geong Min is also known as the sister is the sister of South Korean boy band BTS member Kim Namjoon (RM). Born in South Korea, Geong Min Kim was born on June 13, 1997 . Korean musician, artist, as well as music producer Kim Geong Min is known to the general public as the RM’s close relative. The large fan base on the part of Kim Geong Minhas on Social Media allows him to earn a significant amount.

What Is Kim Geong Min?

Kim Geong Min is a highly skilled sketcher, artisan as well as an artist. Most likely the most widely recognized of the RM siblings (a Korean composer and lyricist) Kim Geong Min is (a Korean composer, artist and lyricsist). Kim Geong Min was born in South Korea on 13 June 1997. Kim will turn 24 in 2022.

Kim Namjoon’s sister, referred to in the media as Bangtan Boys on the internet, was a well-known participant in BTS. South Korean boy group BTS. In a relatively short span of period of time, the band of her brother made a significant impact across the globe. The younger sister to RM is a beautiful young lady with a charming appearance that could attract anyone. In this regard she is the perfect example of elegance with the cerebrum. The most notable of his talents is his remarkable ability as a sketcher, artist and artist.

Kim Geong Min Age:

Geong Min Kim’s age in 2022 is Geong Min Kim in 2022 is 24 years old. Geong Min Kim was born in South Korea on 13 June 1997. Kim will turn 24 years old by 2022.

Kim Geong Min Family:

Growing up in Ilsan-gu close to Seoul, Korea, she was educated by her parents as well as her sister Kim Namjoon(RM). On 13 June 1997, the RM’s parents had a baby in Ilsan-gu. Her father works for the telecom industry as is her mom, who’s an agent in real estate however, her parents don’t have names. She is also loved by all her family members as they are the youngest. It’s like he’s her father, and treating her like an adult daughter.

Kim Geong Min Brother

It has been identified as Kim Nam-Joon’s younger sister. RM is the stage name Kim Nam-Joon, is one of the South Korean rapper and songwriter as well as a record producer. As well as his numerous other ventures and projects, he manages the boy group BTS. RM is his first solo mixtape was released in the year 2015. Mono The second mixtape, reached 26th place of the Billboard 200 and was the most-charting Korean single album in the year. He has collaborated with many artists like Wale Younha, Warren G, Gaeko, Krizz Kaliko, MFBTY, and many more.

Kim Geong Min Education:

Kim Geong has always earned excellent grades and top marks from the time of his childhood. In the year Kim Geong Min was 16 she enrolled her at high school. Her brother was also a student at Apgujeong High School that is the same school that she went to. Kim Geong graduated from a US state university following their high school studies.

Kim Geong Min’s Relationship Status:

Geong is dating and focusing on her professional career. Therefore, she’s not currently dating anyone. Most likely, she doesn’t reveal her relationship to anyone. On the other hand, in her private lives, she’s not concerned about attracting attention.

  • Relationship Status: She isn’t engaged.
  • Married Status: Married but not married.

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Kim Geong Min On Social Media:

Instagram Account
Following on Instagram 7K + Followers
Face Book Account Not yet known
Followers Unknown

Kim Geong Min Career:

Geong Min is a talented artist, as well as an excellent pencil sketcher as well as illustrator. Her Instagram account is filled with her artwork. Kim is quite active on her Instagram account. She is a student at the college currently.

Kim Geong Min Wiki:

Name Kim Geong Min
Alias Geong, Kim
Date of Birth 13 June
Birth Year 1997
Age (as in 2022) Aged 24
Marital Status not married
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Birthplace Ilsan-gu, South Korea
Hometown Ilsan-gu, South Korea
Nationality Korean
Ethnicity Asian
Religion Unknown
Father Name Not yet known
Mother Name Unknown
Brother Name Kim Nan-Joon
Sister Name Unknown
Hobbies Drawing
Net Worth Unknown
Education Qualifying Undergraduate

Kim Geong Min’s physical appearance

Height: 5′ 5″
Weight: 40-45 kg
Color of the eye: Dark Brown
Hair color: Black

Kim Geong Min Favorites:

The Color I Like Best: Not yet known
My Favorite actor: Not known
Favorite Actress: Not yet known

Kim Geong Min Net Worth:

The details on Min’s Net Worth have not yet available.

Interesting Facts About Kim Geong Min:

  • Geong Min is well known to the general public for being the brother to RM Kim Nan-Joon who is a popular leader of BTS. BTS.
  • In Illsan, South Korea, Geong was born on the 13th day of June 1997 to her parents.
  • Geong Min is a great illustrator, cartoonist and artist. Her Instagram is filled with her incredible work.
  • On the 1st of December, 2019 the Korean beauty posted a photo on Instagram and posted a photo that showed her hands in a wink gesture.
  • It wouldn’t be a good idea to start her day without coffee since she’s a coffee addict.

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Questions about Kim Geong Min:

What is Kim Geong Min?

Kim Geong is an extremely skilled artisan, sketcher and artist. The most well recognized of Kim Geong’s sisters (a Korean composer and lyricist).

What would be Kim Nam-Joon’s?

RM is the stage name for Kim Nam-Joon, is an South Korean rapper, songwriter as well as record producer. In addition to all of his other ventures, he manages the boy group BTS. RM is his debut solo mixtape was released in the year 2015. Mono the second mixtape, reached the top spot at 26, on the Billboard 200 and was the most-charting Korean solo album of the year.

Does Kim Geong Min engaged?

No. She isn’t engaged.

What is the average age of Kim Geong Min?

Kim Geong Min is 24 years old in 2022.

Where was the place of birth of Kim Geong Min?

Kim Geong Min was born in IIsan-gu, South Korea along with her brother RM.

In the city in which Kim Geong Min is currently in?

They are both currently together in South Korea.

What is Kim’s nationality? Geong Min?

Kim Geong Min is Korean by birth.

What is the reason why Kim Geong Min is famous?

Kim Geong Min is well recognized by the audience as Kim Geong Min’s younger brother RM Kim Nan-Joon. well-known as the head of BTS. BTS.

What is Kim Geong Min’s height? Geong Min?

Kim Geong Min is 5 feet 5 inches tall.

What is the value for Kim Geong Min?

In this regard, the specifics of Kim Geong Min’s net worth have not yet available.


This is a complete look at Kim Geong Min, who is a simple and talented woman. She is able to create her own identity through her art. We wish her the best for a bright and successful future. She is loved by all her family members because they are the sole children. It’s as if she were her father, and treating her like an adult daughter.

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