What Do You Need to Know about Laravel Trends in 2023?


If you want to call yourself a web development artist, then we believe you know how to use Laravel. As you know, Laravel is a PHP framework that allows you to build effective web solutions using an abbreviated but elegant syntax derived from PHP itself. You probably also know that PHP is the foundation of the online world that we know today. Every day you use the Internet, you surely come into contact with solutions written in PHP and even with Laravel, knowing how popular this framework has been lately.

Therefore, it is unsurprising that many young developers want to add Laravel to their resumes. They are focused on robust solutions that offer a great user experience. That’s why you should also consider upgrading your knowledge and becoming part of the large community of Laravel developers.

Why is That Good for you?

To begin with, you are an expert in PHP, but you also understand how to leverage the benefits of any framework related to the native programming language.

But before we go any further, it’s time to give a brief introduction:

What is Laravel, and how is it Used?

Laravel focuses on the back-end development of web applications and their functionalities. It is a framework focused precisely on the development of functional web solutions, following the MVC way of building applications. As a result, you get an authentic and scalable product that stands out with its functionality.

At the same time, you can build dynamic web pages, single-page sites, and eCommerce solutions from scratch. The most prominent application is in the standard portal formats intended for news, entertainment, and forums.

Laravel will surely remain a popular framework in 2023 and will follow some of these trends:

Fast and Efficient Application Development

When a company announces that they’re looking for a Laravel developer for hire, they often think they need a talented person who knows how to build an application quickly following the client’s instructions. All project requirements can be easily met if the concept of rapid application development is followed.

This way of working saves enough time and money on resources. With the implementation of the MVC development method, the code is organized into separate components, and the final product can handle all the requests from the users of the application.

Exceptional Security

Laravel and the pre-packaged Laravel Homestead always offer enough security options for any project you’re currently working on. Many applications often have security weaknesses, which require additional work for developers and end users. Therefore, one of the best features of Laravel is its authentication system.

With the help of this tool, you can define roles and permissions for each application. Even though the framework has specific security weaknesses, they are constantly detected and resolved.

We are not saying that Laravel is the perfect PHP framework, but its constant development and dedication to an exceptional user experience make it better than others. Additionally, the Laravel framework gives you the option to add multiple levels of protection to your product. This means that both you and the users will be satisfied with the result.

Focus on eCommerce platforms

The development of eCommerce is taking enormous proportions, and the trend is expected to continue in 2023. From the most ordinary small businesses to large companies, many have realized the benefits of online commerce and the importance of responsive and scalable web solutions. Laravel can help you integrate essential elements of automation, personalization, payment security, as well as advanced marketing tools.

You can use ready-made eCommerce solutions, but if you are an enterprise-level seller, you need something that will cover an international market and many products and services.

Great Progress on E-learning Platforms

Everyone has realized the benefits of learning and working remotely in the past years. That is why the need for such platforms has grown. Fortunately, Laravel has enough options for building such scalable solutions. E-learning platforms can be used for online courses but also in academies and universities.

In fact, they look simple and functional, but behind them is great support from Laravel as a framework and PHP as a carrier programming language.

Processing a Large Amount of Data

The online availability of many services for citizens also requires the capacity to process a large amount of data. The best example of this is the online healthcare system that integrates patient records and makes them available to hospitals. Thus, instead of a long-term assessment of the health status, each patient has his own file that is available to him anywhere.

And when the security benefit is added to this, we can thank Laravel for providing management of these aspects at the highest level.

Of course, healthcare is just one example of how management systems are applied. The same applies to schools, universities, and the management of large companies.

Advanced IoT Organization with Laravel

IoT, or the Internet of Things, is the way of connecting different devices in one network. As a result, this network will exchange data without involving humans.

Laravel improves this trend in many aspects, but we can say that advanced data exchange summarizes all the trends we mentioned earlier. So, you have fast and secure solutions with which we serve all industries that need scalable applications and efficient data exchange.

Earlier, we listed some examples where Laravel has a huge application. This is another reason for enthusiasts to devote themselves to studying this framework and understanding why it is so popular.


Laravel gives us a number of opportunities for career advancement. PHP is an undisputed technology that today’s online world runs on. The best thing is that this framework is constantly being developed, and there are upgrades to the existing versions.

We believe that if you already know PHP, you will be able to easily adapt to using PHP frameworks. And, of course, we emphasize that the career development that follows you is sure to be better than what you previously planned, whether you are a freelancer or an IT company employee developing and supporting applications built with Laravel.