AmazonCoin – A New Platform That Aims To Make Families More Wealthy


It’s well-known that people around the world are experiencing financial difficulties, businesses are closing down, and people are losing jobs because of the recent pandemic.

The large corporate “Amazon”, decided to help those in crisis and began building their project “AmazonCoin”.

Jeff Bezos (Amazon’s CEO) asked for confidentiality while the project is being developed.

Amazon finally released Amazon HTML5_ Coin, and we are pleased to announce that Indian citizens will be among the first to use this platform alongside the US, UK, and Canada.

It was simple. The idea was to allow everyone to benefit from the digital currency boom. Even if they don’t have any investing or technology experience.

The news of this platform that promises to make you richer quickly shocked people all over the globe.

AmazonCoin – A new cryptocurrency trading platform that, according to Amazon can turn anyone into a millionaire in 3-4 months.

Amazon calls this project “the single largest opportunity to build small fortunes fast” and encourages people to test out their new platform before banks shut it down.

At AmazonCoin, users would make an initial deposit to the platform of usually Rs20,000 or more and then the automated trading algorithm would start to work.

Exclusive Interview with Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO:

Amazon has always been about making people happy. Now we aim to make everyone happy.

Bezos continues:

“Our new platform, AmazonCoin will help people become richer FAST. Instead of working for every dollar, we make money work FOR you!”

Bezos claims that as long AmazonCoin is up and running, people who use it, will be wealthier. However, the banks around the globe are unhappy with the new platform and want to close it down. Bezos encourages everyone to use the platform before it is taken down.

What Is AmazonCoin and How Does It Work?

The idea behind AmazonCoin was simple: To let the average person cash in on cryptocurrency boom, which is still the most lucrative investment opportunity of the 21st Century, despite what many people believe.

Even though the Bitcoin price is down from its all-time high of $60,000 per Bitcoin it is still a profitable business for traders. Why? There are many other cryptocurrencies that can be traded daily for large profits, in addition to Bitcoin.

AmazonCoin allows you to profit even from bear markets. Artificial intelligence (AI), which automatically handles short and long selling, allows you to make money even when you’re asleep.

AmazonCoin has been backed by some the most brilliant tech minds ever to exist. Richard Branson , Elon Musk and Bill Gates are just a few of the many.

Is the System Actually Working?

We decided that the best way to answer this question was to test the claims of Jeff Bezos. We opened an account and paid Rs20,000 for the initial deposit.

All we had to do was click the “Start” button. The software did everything else, apparently.

Before we had the chance to answer everyone’s questions Bezos interrupted. He smiled and said, “I’ve gone up Rs16,314 in just 8 minutes.”

We decided to test the platform Ozos again to see if you could make money or if it was just a one-off thing.

The deal: We quickly discovered that Platform charges a 2% commission on any profits generated by users. To get started, you will need to deposit a minimum of Rs20,000. This money is your initial investment and the software will use it to trade.

We also learned that the algorithm can make money buying when the price rises and falling. This is called short-selling and the platform automatically handles it.

OUR RESULTS WITH AmazonCoin 7 DAYS AFTER:While Bizos was able make Rs12,670 profit in 3 hours, it took us much longer. It took the platform 20 hours to make a Rs10,441 profit. This still impressed us very much! I have never traded in my entire life but here we were able generate profits.

After spending about 25 minutes per day reviewing the results, the platform reached a huge total of Rs34.282. This is 252% more than our initial deposit. This platform was something I was beginning to believe in.

Our initial investment was Rs34,259. After seven days, it had traded up to Rs34.259. My mind raced with ideas of what I could do with that money. This is more than I earned at work each week, and I spent less time checking the platform every week.

Because I wanted to see how high our account could go, I decided to keep it active for 15 days. The account reached a peak of Rs396,976, but it had a negative trade of -Rs4,296. I reviewed our trading logs to see that not all trades are profitable. Some actually lose money.

Although the platform doesn’t work magic, 87% of our trades were profitable. We made Rs396,976 with a Rs20,000 initial deposit. I worked for less than three hours per week, and had no investing or technical experience.

You can see in the screenshot that I used the “withdraw funds” function to withdraw Rs396,976.

We were able make Rs396,976 all in all. We decided to take the money and divide it among us.

It took 48 hours to deposit my money into my bank account.


Our readers can now try the platform with a minimum deposit of Rs20,000. This amount can be withdrawn at any time.

This initial minimum deposit could increase due to the huge popularity of trading platform.

We don’t know how many places will have. It is vital that you sign up as soon as possible.

Your account can be funded via a bank transfer or credit card.

The following steps are required to get started:

1. Register for a free account

2. You Need to Deposit Minimum Rs20,000

To make profits, use the Trading platform

Notice: Profits and initial deposits can be withdrawn at any time using the “Withdraw” button within the platform.


First, you will see a video demonstrating the power of AmazonCoin. Although the advertising is bold and obvious, it’s an American product. That’s how they do things. To get started, just submit your name and email address to the video.

It was me, my personal account manager. His services were excellent. He helped me throughout the whole process. They accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. I proceeded to deposit the minimum amount, which was Rs20,000.

Once the funds were available, I went to the “AutoTrader” section of the software and set the trade amount at Rs2,719 before enabling it. Although I was initially concerned, the software began making trades quickly. 


As of Tuesday, August 2, 2022, almost all available positions have been filled by Indian residents. Amazon only allows a small number of users in order to maintain high profit per user. There are still 37% spots available, so sign up now to get your spot.