Key Techniques on Improving Email Marketing


Throughout all these years, email marketing has remained as one of the most effective ways in converting prospective customers into real customers as well as generating good sales and revenue from existing customers.

When you are doing press release for businesses take the time in creating an email list, it gives them the ability to reach their audience at any time, especially their prospects and customers; as they are close to their mobile devices (and often will be) round the clock.

Email marketing also provides businesses with crucial data that can be used for performance evaluation as well as for making improvements in areas like open rates, click-through rates, complaints about getting spam, rates of un-subscription and the like.

So, how can firms improve the performance of their email marketing campaigns to take full advantage of one of the most effective forms of online marketing in full swing? Here are some excellent tips to improve email marketing to make sure businesses and organizations get more out of their email marketing works and strategies.

Cleaning and verifying the email list regularly

When a person adds their email address to a subscription list or any organization’s email list, there is a possibility they made a mistake, gave a fake email address or eventually change to a new email address. This can create a negative effect on the performance of email deliveries. Why? Because the emails can bounce, go directly into spam folders and even get businesses & organizations labelled as spammers.

Hence, organizations should run through their email list time from time and perform a verification service regularly to ensure that they are always working with an accurate list.

Emails should be personalized to each recipient

Recipients should think of how many emails they receive each day and the same should be thought about by businesses and organizations alike. They should understand that if someone opens the email, they are more than likely to delete it before even scrolling down unless it is captivating.

Personalizing an email starts with a simple greeting, something of a ‘Hi [recipient’s first name] which can help engage the reader enough to get them to at least start reading what is being offered to them. This is what most renown experts on digital marketing say.

Usage of emojis in the subject line

Emojis are present in every social app today, they are fun and are an effective way to communicate. Having a look at the most recent of all text messages people sent to one another, they will find a lot of emojis used.

Emails today are going to be surrounded by lot more emojis in the inboxes of the recipients. Usage of emojis in the subject line is a good way to stand out because it helps pull a much higher open rate when split-tested against an identical subject line without emojis.

Testing multiple deployment times

One of the worst things’ businesses can assume is sending an email assuming that everyone will read it. However, that is not the case because they should be constantly experimenting with different deployment times.

Starting on a good footing by the sending the message to half of the list early in the morning and the remainder to be given the emails in the evening is good. From here, it can be seen which one has strong metrics. Then, experimenting with closer deployment intervals becomes possible.

And, for instance the evening open rates for email were higher in comparison to the morning one, it would be wise to break down the next email cycle in several different times in the evening to determine the best performing time slot.

Creating a double opt-in list

A lot of people shy away from creating a double opt-in list because they assume the extra step might act as a repellant which can result in a smaller email list. A smaller list that is more responsive to these emails has more value and is a much stronger asset in comparison to a king size list that does not open the emails.

If someone takes the time to opt-in an email list, it indicates that they are genuinely interested in the company and what it has to offer to its customers, as determined by experts in the industry.

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