5 Final Fantasy XIV Tips to Get Ahead of your Competition


If you are just getting started with Final Fantasy XIV, there are some things that you need to be aware of. Knowing about these things would help you get a competitive advantage over your competition.The tips that we are going to talk about here are for absolute beginners.

Professional Final Fantasy Players probably already know about these things. So, if you are a beginner, you are in luck.Let’s get started and go over some of the most basic tips that you need to pay attention to, to get ahead of your competition

1.Dodge out of “Area of Effect”

Area of Effect is the place where an attack is about to begin. It can show up anywhere in the gameplay. Considering how unpredictable it can get, the beginners might not be defending themselves effectively. So, the first tip for you to is to steer clear of Area of Effect.

You can know about it by the red circle that appears when an attack is about to begin. As soon as you come across that, dodge out of it. You can begin defending yourself once you learn about the game in more details. But for beginners, it would be better to stay out of it.

2.Signup for Mogstation

If you are just starting off with Final Fantasy XIV, make sure to set up a mogstation profile for yourself. It is an account management system that allows you to manage all your Final Fantasy account details. You can make purchases, by optional items and get upgrades for the game. This website makes things a lot easier for you.

With mogstation, you can see all your payment history. It would also let you know about the payments that you need to make in terms of monthly game subscriptions and so much more.

3.Register for World Transfer

Final Fantasy XIV has 3 expansions as of now and each one is more comprehensive than the other. There is a lot to explore for main story as well as for side quests. Traveling to all the worlds and dimensions in the game can take a lot of time. If you don’t want to do that, you can use mogstation for faster world transfer. It would cost you some money, but it would be worth it in terms of time.

The process or world transfer is pretty simple. Just choose a location that you want to transfer your character to, and the effect would happen in a matter of a few minutes.

4.Create Teams for Group Missions

Creating teams is essential for doing group missions. Final Fantasy XIV has a huge community of players from all around the globe. You get to meet a lot of new people and make friends that you can have a great time with. This is one of the best things about this website. Making friends is not just for fun, it is also a requirement for doing group missions. So, you might want to focus on that as well, when getting started with Final Fantasy XIV.

5.Get Optional Items from Mogstation

Optional Items are a great way of getting a competitive advantage over your competition. You can find all the latest upgrades and optional items at mogstation. Optional items include new gear, ammo and even outfits for your character. There are also veteran awards for you that would give you access to cool bonuses that would help you with the gameplay. You can go on to Plasticrypt to learn more about the features and benefits that this platform has to offer.

Wrapping Up

Final Fantasy XIV can get quite confusing sometimes for beginners. But it gets better as you progress in the game. In fact, it is one of the best Fantasy online multiplayer games that you can find out there. It has stunning visuals; an awesome storyline and the character design is simply out of this world. So, if you are looking to get into Fantasy genre videogames, we highly recommend you try out this game. And with the tips that we have mentioned here, you shouldn’t have much trouble getting ahead your competition, even as a beginner. So, make sure to check out the tips that we have given here when getting started with Final Fantasy XIV.

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