Here Are The Best Free OCR Tools to Extract Editable Text From a Picture


Searching for a free to use software that can be used to quickly translate the image to text? If yes, then this article is going to be great for you!

For those users who are looking for a secure, powerful, and free online OCR resource, a couple of such tools that we are going to listing in the sections below is a great option.

Things you will know after reading this article

  • What is OCR?
  • Why it is necessary to use an image to text technology?
  • Could images be translated to Text?
  • Who needs to get an image to text software?
  • Best free OCR tools to extract editable text from a picture

What is OCR?

Optical Character Recognition is a powerful technology that identifies image-mounted text, including scanned documents, pdf files, and screenshots. OCR technology is most commonly used to transform almost all forms of images that contain written text or typed text into machine-readable text.

Why it is necessary to use an image to text technology?

It is needed to translate a picture to text, particularly if you need to obtain any useful information which is written on learning resources.

Yes, writing or typing the text manually is a choice, but if you are in a hurry and the text is too long, it would be better to use the advanced technologies to extract text in a faster manner.

Here we’ll suggest some excellent software to help you save time in image conversion and organizing.

Could images be translated to Text?

Absolutely the answer is a big yes! As we know OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. This technology enables Free OCR to Word to understand characters in images and PDF files so that the text can be copied and interpreted and then pasted into another browser.

The developers of this technology have guaranteed that the technology used here is as accurate as possible, so it doesn’t matter whether the image is low-resolution.

Image to text tool is a great technology that not only identifies and extracts texts from an image or PDF format but also assures excellent efficiency when doing so.

Extracting a text is fast and editing it and issuing it as a Word or TXT file is easy. This tech achieves something people considered not possible.

Who needs to get an image to text software?

This technology can be useful for quite many to translate images to text and learning how to use it is an irresistible activity.

  • Students and teachers may consider this technology very helpful. Students may use it to remove sentences in their texts from the PDF files to quote. They may also submit essays, analysis, and some other kind of homework and then translate them into texts.
  • Professors are able to extract PDF files to use in classes. As a PDF file or document format
  • Writers may also find this technology beneficial for their job. Submitting the writings as an image or PDF file and exporting them to Word with OCR technology is certainly better than sending them as Microsoft Word documents.
  • Freelancers who work long-distance can send their projects as images or PDF files to clients. Both sections would be better if they use this technology.

Best free OCR tools to extract editable text from a picture


My free OCR is an online OCR platform that offers the best resourcewhen translating your scanned papers, pictures, and screenshots into readable text format. It is one of the best tools available on the web that permits you to switch the images in various formats like PNG, JPEG, JPG, TIF, BMP to a text document. It also allows you to download the output file into different formats, such as DOCX, TXT, and PDF.

It claims to support multiple international languages that make it a unique tool. This optical character recognition tool has additional features in its functionality which add valueto it. These additional features are that it supports images with low resolution and rotates pages automatically where necessary.

2. LightPDF

Converting images to text online has become simple and convenient and LightPDF is one of the most powerful web-based PDF applications that may assist you with OCR processing fast. At present, it promotes the identification of many languages including English, Italian, French, Japanese, etc. And it operates in high quality by retaining the text extracted in Document, Excel or PPT view the same as the original PDF.

You will be given two options with this tool to get a text from a certain image: OCR VIP service and OCR Basic service. The former may translate a picture into an editable Word document and other formats, while the latter can convert an image to a TXT file.

Both functions will switch the picture to text completely, so if the file includes more than one language, then you can go for OCR VIP because it understands more than one language at a time, but it is paid.

3.  Prepostseo

The free prepostseo OCR scanner tool is well known for quickly and efficiently translating images into editable formats. The online service is free to access and requires no login to use it every day. This will ask you to use no email address to get the finished file for use.

The only drawback is that it continues to support the English language along with the various European languages, which offers remarkable outcomes from scanned articles that record. It offers your data full protection by ensuring that you can keep it protected from any third party.

In addition, it supports different recognition of font and mathematical equations.


Its name means it already provides OCR service. Users can remove text from any image by using this program and convert it into its editable form. The software also facilitates larger picture formats, is able to fully understand 60-plus languages, and offers limitless uploads.

Like Light-PDF, once you transform the image to text online, it doesn’t create a new document for you to print, it only extracts the text and displays the output below the processing area. Content can be modified and copied directly from it.

5. OCR Online

We recommend you use the OCR Online OCR tool to achieve much greater control over both content and data. The free online OCR tool provides an effortless analysis of scanning texts as well as photographs of about 190 languages. You can publish, protect, review, evaluate the documents and access the digital formats.

A text scanner helps the user to monitor the effects of the free OCR and PDF OCR from beginning to end and even to change the process of transformation. Processed documents that are still able to access and backup are stored for 2 weeks on cloud servers. Transformed PDF files and text files into files that can be converted to Word or Excel.


Thus, you’ve uncovered five separate text excerpts from free image resources online along with their respective benefits. These online OCR tools undoubtedly win the top spot in ranking because they are combined with the strong OCR platforms that guarantee precise, accurate, error-free, and lightning-fast conversions.

And if you’re looking for an online application to translate the image to text without a second thought, then we recommend you use prepostseo, it must be your most preferred choice. Using it for free today, automatically remove text from any document files and get rid of tedious manual document-to-text conversion.

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