Jordan, Swattrex & Alvin Jax’s New Song “Zone” is Streaming Worldwide


“Zone” by Jordan, Swattrex & Alvin Jax is streaming worldwide and receiving good airplay in many cities and countries. This song brings out the rap and hip-hop vibe in youth, paying homage to everybody trying to do his best with its sing-along lyrics and references to the young generation. The artists shared that “Zone” is a trailer for their audience that they will be unstoppable this year and create some of the best songs. Artists have made this song a reminiscent of the most incredible hip-hop & rap songs with their sheer hard work. After listening to this song, you will instantly feel energetic and powerful. So, all music lovers, get ready for some of the best songs this year.  

Talking about the artists of “Zone”, Jordan, aka Yash Talwar, is a lyricist, music composer, rapper, and copywriter from Delhi. At the age of 11, he knew that he wanted to be a musician. He told his family about his undying love for music and then moved to Delhi. With some 33 independent songs released till date, Jordan is all set to rock the music industry with his talent and hard work. He met Swattrex in 2019; they started making some rap covers and tracks and just completed their first song together, “Zone”. Swattrex was born in Uttar Pradesh and finished his education in Delhi, India. He has been very fond of music since childhood. With more than 55+ tracks released till now, he has crossed over 21 million streams independently on multiple music platforms. Alvin Jax is a young music producer from Kolkata who makes EDM and Indian trap. We can see both performing live in the future and lots more Indian vibe track is coming. Alvin Jax is taking the Indian trap to another level.

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“The artists have put all their efforts into the making of this song. Jordan’s talent, versitality and sheer hard work can be perceived in his last 33 independent songs. His tireless energy, positivity and drive were never going to allow him to settle for anything other than the best work. We are on the lookout for new talents, and we would like to extend our support to independent artists who aspire to expand their reach through various digital platforms. We plan to release, curate, and promote 100+ songs by the end of this year”, says Himanshu Mishra, founder of GrooveNexus.  

All three artists are making a comeback with the thrilling and sensational ‘Zone’. Written and sung by Jordan and music by Swattrex & Alvin Jax, the winning trio has released an iconic video on 28th Jan 2022 on GrooveNexus Records