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Many will see James Gunn’s “The Suicide Squad” as a funhouse mirror inversion of the writer/director’s work with “Guardians of the Galaxy.” After all, it’s another collection of underdog heroes who overcome all odds to defeat an interstellar enemy. “Guardians for Adults” wouldn’t be entirely incorrect. However, the main influence on this clever action comedy isn’t Starlord but The Toxic Avenger. Gunn has brought the B-movie sense of humor and brazenly adult level of violence that he honed working with Troma Entertainment in the 1990s to his first DC adaptation, even giving his mentor Lloyd Kaufman a cameo. Only the man who wrote “Tromeo and Juliet” could deliver something this gleefully grotesque, vicious, and unapologetic, and the DC Universe is all the better for it.

Gunn cleverly avoids many of the problems of the opening scenes of David Ayer’s take on this corner of the DC Universe by dropping a dozen or so characters into the action (thereby not giving us a repeat of that hour or so of introductions from the Ayer misfire). For the record, this is kind of half-sequel, half-reboot wherein some actors play the same characters but it’s also very much a standalone film. You really don’t need to have seen the Ayer (and probably shouldn’t) but it’s also not entirely a fresh start.

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For example, Viola Davis is one of the returning folks from the last film, once again playing Amanda Waller, the head of something called Task Force X. She is in charge of what is essentially the Suicide Squad, a collection of superpowered criminals who are sent into battle with chips embedded in the back of their heads. Go off mission, go boom. Don’t do what you’re told, go boom. Say something wrong to Waller, go boom. Most of these anti-heroes don’t return. Hence, the name.

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The Suicide Squad movie story Speaking of, supervillains Harley Quinn, Bloodsport, Peacemaker and Belle Rave join the super-secret, super-shady Task Force X, a collection of naughty opposition in prison as they are abandoned on the remote, enemy-infested island of Corto Maltese. goes.

In fairness to Robbie, a speed bump hits whenever “The Suicide Squad” slows down to spotlight one member of the team. And yet, if the polka-dot man’s obsession with his mother becomes less amusing, every time we see her face, Gunn’s commitment amidst the chaos of everything is unwavering by the energy that drives this film. above the product sold by him.

Even the flattest beats deserve the feeling that Gunn got to do what he wanted; that Warner Bros. did not notice; That the Vessel will return one day when we need it the most.