Types of customisable products for promotional campaigns


When you are promoting your business, you will have various options in terms of marketing strategy. But if you are looking for one of the most organised methods to collect more leads and increase your sales, giving away branded freebies to your target audience is one of the best ways.

You can find many customisable goods on customgear.co.nz for the best price. However, you must carefully select the items you will distribute to your target audience from a trusted source because your campaign’s success depends solely on the type and the quality of the things you choose. So, consider choosing items that resonate with your brand values, are helpful, and add value to the receiver’s life. For instance, if you are a brand selling anything related to golf, you can consider giving customised golf balls to your vendors, stakeholders, and target audience.

Here are some items that you must consider as promotional goodies.

Tote bag

Do you know the impact of plastic bags on the environment? If yes, you must be looking for alternative ways to cut down on plastic. Consider giving your target audience a nylon tote bag with your branding, which they can use daily to carry lunch to the office or for everyday grocery shopping. These tote bags are available in various sizes and colours. It would be best if you used whichever seems most relevant for your business.

Puffer Vest

A puffer vest is your protection against the cold. These go with any outfit. If you wear formal trousers and a simple shirt, you can wear the puffer to add an extra layer of protection against the cold wind.

A badge of your company’s logo or the tagline on the vest will look quite good. It gives a sense of belonging. No matter where the person wears the vest, it will display your company’s name. Conversely, the logo will improve your impressions of your company’s branding. This makes your brand more recognisable and increases your customer retention rate.

Car air freshener

Everyone likes their car to smell fresh like a million roses, and car fresheners are always in demand. So, if you give a car air freshener to your target audience with your brand logo, they will look at the emblem almost daily on their way to work. Moreover, whenever they sniff the fresh air inside their vehicle, they will be reminded of your brand and how good your company is.

Golf balls

Golf is one of the most played sports in the world, and if you often visit a golf club, you must give a golf ball to people within your network who would appreciate the gift. Some of the best websites offer balls you can customise per your branding strategy and design choices.


It is one of the most classic gifts you can use as a promotional item. T-shirts with company logos will increase the total number of impressions you get on your brand name over the years of its usage. These T-shirts can be used for casual office outings, but in the longer run, people will wear these t-shirts at home or while shopping in the nearest grocery store.

So, these are the best kinds of merchandise you must consider customising as per your brand’s design and distributing among your network.