How to buy a Wedding cake to left every guest surprized?


A wedding cake is not just a part of a festive banquet, it is a special “guest” at a wedding, whose solemn appearance is expected for a long time and with impatience. It just so happens that at a wedding, not everyone has the strength to master the dessert, nevertheless, everyone will admire and admire the wedding cake.

Any couple definitely places as much importance on the choice of the cake as the choice of the bride’s wedding dress or the groom’s suit. An important, and, most likely, the main factor is the appearance of the cake and its design. If you are familiar with the work of the chosen chef, you may prefer ready-made options, except that you can supplement the cake with your wishes for decoration. If you want to order a cake according to your own sketch or from a picture from the Internet, please note that in this case you will have to negotiate the nuances with the pastry chef.

The most popular and, of course, pompous form of a wedding cake is a multi-tiered piece of confectionery art. A wedding cake consisting of tiers will undoubtedly delight guests and, moreover, you can order a separate type of cake or filling for each tier and thus cater to different tastes of guests. Such a cake can be decorated in a rather unusual way – falling branches of plants and flowers are located on tiers, butterflies flutter from one tier to another, a couple of pigeons on the “top” of the cake and their little chicks on the lower tiers, sweet figurines of newlyweds on the top of the cake and angels below … In this case, fantasy is where to “roam”. If you prefer the classics and choose a “one-story” round or rectangular cake, try to choose a special decor for it so that it is no less attractive.

We advise you to choose not just a white cake, but a cake with a color twist on online cake delivery in Chennai, for example, to match the decoration of the hall or one that goes well with the bride’s bouquet or dress. Decorations on the cake should also be laconic and overlap with the main decorations and accessories of the celebration, and best of all, if they are made in the same style.

When cutting the first slice of the cake, do not forget about the wedding auction, where the newlyweds can “sell” the first slice or exchange it for the fulfillment of a wish from any guest.

A few recommendations:

  • Consider when ordering: it is better to order cake delivery 2-3 hours before take-out. If they forget to put it in the refrigerator in the morning, the cake may go bad.
  • Don’t skimp on shipping or ingredients. It is better to order a cake of less weight than a low-quality and tasteless one.
  • Pick a cake based on the wedding theme. Ideally, the design should overlap with your wedding, because this is the most delicious accent.
  • Do not overdo it with decor: naturalness and naturalness are in trend, tasteless decor elements will only spoil your cake.
  • It is not worth ordering a cake until there is an exact list of invited guests.
  • If you want to surprise your guests, consider interesting wedding cake alternatives.