Best Books for JEE Preparations


Preparation for the exams is so very important and especially so when you are going to give one of the most important exams in the career. There are different exams that help us shape the career and as such the JEE exams are one of them. This is one of the most important exams that are going to shape the career of the individuals.

We as students should always be able to understand that the preparation for the exam is so very important and for that a proper planning is what is actually required. There is a proper time table that needs to be prepared so that we can have a better understanding of the areas that will require our focus and concentration. Students, who all are preparing for JEE Main 2021, one thing is so very important is the knowledge about the books which should be referred for studies. It is not very easy to get admission to IIT’s, NIT’s and for this the students need to secure a high score. That will only be possible by studying the best books for JEE Mains. All students must have to set up a strategy for good scoring and that strategy should be such that it should be able to have a better follow-up and a better mechanism as well.

This is also important that we are able to referee to good books on the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics that can help the students to have a strong concept about the questions. One thing to note here is that if we are to study the JEE books then our chances of getting through with the exam will be much higher. This is even more evident from the fact that there will be a wider use of the target question in our process and that is the reason that we will be able to cover more of the important topics.

Try to do as many mock Tests, Daily Practice Papers, Past year as they will be able to show you the path forward the books are your best friend so the most important to note here is that you should be able to have a complete knowledge of the concepts first before even out go in for the application. In this the question papers will help you understand the pattern and the underline the important concepts as well.

Already there are many JEE Preparation books are available in the market. Among them, you’ve to choose the best one which will give you extra and exact knowledge. If students have proper dedication, then they can be able to score well.

As per my understanding, there are some key points that can help a student to score well in the JEE Exam. Sharing it below with you:

  • first of all the student should start the preparation from NCERT books to the entire syllabus
  • Learn and understand the concepts properly, it’s very important to make notes.
  • Make a proper time table and try to follow that as much as possible. Take break in between the studies and have a refreshing mind.
  • Revise the Past Year papers. This will not only give you confidence but also idea about the past pattern.
  • Make a daily schedule to work on Daily Test Papers, Mock Tests also. This will help you in time management and will also boast your confidence.
  • Do as many papers as possible as that way you will be able to understand the important areas and then circle out the patterns as well.

Best Books for Preparing JEE:

NCERT books are the most important ones as they will provide the students with the concepts. In regards to the JEE specific books, here is a list that the student can see to follow that will help them get a guided approach as well

HC Verma: Concepts of Physics Vole 1 & Vole 2

O.P Tendon: Organic Chemistry/Inorganic Chemistry

M.S.Chauhan: Concept of Organic Chemistry

Arihant Publications: Objective questions on Physics by D.C Pandey

J.D LEE: Inorganic Chemistry

RD Sharma: Maths XI & XII

Hall Knight: Higher Algebra

M.L Khanna: IIT Mathematics for JEE Main & Advanced

At last, would like to say, take proper rest and yes mental peace in preparation is so very important. So, keep your spirits high.