How Important is Smoke Detecting Alarms?


It is known to all that, fires are one of the deadliest disasters that can cause fatal or debilitating burn damages. Fires can occur in many ways and for which we should always be prepared to fight it. In that case, smoke detecting alarms helps a lot to lessen the risk fire accidents.

Smoke detectors can sense the presence of smoke and alarms start triggering automatically. Thus it lets us know if there is any fire that can cause big accidents, and accordingly we take steps to control it. Many researches has shown that about 50% of all fatal home fires occur while people sleep. So these smoke alarms warn us about the smoke before we smell it and before its too late. Some detecting alarms are now broadly used especially in commercial and industrial buildings though there should be smoke detectors in every bedrooms, corridors, levels, basements and attics. These smoke detectors can also be used in smoking banned areas.

There are two types of smoke alarms, ionized and photoelectric smoke alarms. The ionized smoke alarms can quickly detect the fast moving fires. On the other hand, photoelectric smoke alarms can quickly sense slower smoky fire. It is preferable to use alarms with both type of sensors.

The alarms runs with batteries so they can work even if household power is gone out. But the batteries should be changed timely. Otherwise it may not work in the time of danger. Wifi smoke detector is really very convenient in this case. These detectors can be connected with our smartphones and other devices through wifi network. And that’s how we can get warnings even when we are not in that place. And the good thing is, it updates us with the battery status so we can change them accordingly.

The smoke detectors should be cleaned and get tested once in a month. They are to keep at least 5 feet away from cooking appliances and cooking smoke. We should keep them out of sunlight and humid places can be avoided for better.

Smoke detecting alarms are really of great use. With it’s use, the risk of dying and severe accidents comes at half. It’s our property’s safe keeping that watches over our homes, business, industries and even us.