How Parashara Light is keeping the art of Vedic astrology alive


Astrology plays a significant role in our daily lives. The study of the planets and stars attracts a wide variety of populations from all around the globe. People are always keen to know about their future life and prefer to invest in this particular field to get rid of the negative planetary influences hindering their prosperity and mental stability. Over the years astrology has evolved as a specific career option and there are multiple people out there, who are earning their daily living, by rectifying the planetary positions of their clients. 

With the modern-day technological advancements, there are multiple astrology software available in the market, making it easy for astrologers to predict the future of their clients. Here we will be discussing Parashara Light the ultimate Astrology Software for beginners and professionals. That is equipped with a wide variety of tables, calculations, charts, tutorials and reports making it easy for astrologers to specify the exact planetary positions of particular clients on their charts in an efficient manner. 

Parashara Light and the art of Vedic Astrology

We have curated a feature list that will help you to understand how Parashara Light is keeping the art of Vedic astrology alive? Carry on with your reading task to decipher the essence of this particular software.  

Built-in library serving the reference purpose

The in-built library within Parashara Light offers access to four classical texts on Indian Astrology, including their English translations. Moreover, you can even conduct detailed searches about planetary yogas as per your convenience. The powerful dictionary within the software offers access to 300+ words that will help you in personalizing the charts, offering a detailed overview of their exact planetary positions to individual clients.  

Personalized Tutorials

Parashara Light offers 120+ tutorial related materials, making it easy for beginners to get a complete understanding of the entire procedure in a step by step format. It contains multiple examples related to different chart patterns, making the overall learning process far more motivating and innovative as a whole. 

Muhurta  and Krishnamurti

Parashara Light is the only solution which is equipped with a Muhurta feature, enabling astrologers to create a day by day chart focusing on the inauspicious and auspicious times during the entire time frame. Moreover, you can use the Krishnamurti feature to put special emphasis on various planets(Nakshatras), along with their lords and sub-lords, making accurate and on-time predictions in an efficient manner.  

Location Changing Tool

You can make changes within the birth location of your client, Parashara Light will change all the related tables and charts in an automated manner, recalculating the planetary positions and predictions as per the new schedule.

Chart Tutor 

In case you are a beginner the intuitive Chart Tutor by Parashara Light will offer easy access to some of the basic but most important aspects related to Vedic Astrology. It contains detailed descriptions of each house, the meaning of a particular planet residing on it and the significance of their positional changes. 

Yogas and Dashas

Parashara Light contains a vast collection of astrological Yogas from multiple sites and classical texts, enabling users to generate a 20-page detailed report on the following. Users can either go through all the listed yogas or view the ones appropriate for their needs by selecting the particular. Now, coming to the Dashas, the software offers detailed views on 13 types of Dashas, making it easy for users to apply them as per the birth charts and planetary transits of their clients.   

Enhanced Manager for Files 

The software is equipped with an advanced file and chart manager of its own. You as an astrologer can keep your charts organized by categorizing them into multiple groups of your choice. The best part is you can even copy or transfer charts from a particular group to another by clicking on the mouse button. Moreover, the software saves a large part of your time by allowing you to import files and charts from its older versions at a lightning speed. 

Detailed Reports 

The Astrological reports generated through Parashara Light, are presented in a beautifully designed format, making it easy for clients to decipher their own future in an efficient manner.

Final words

Astronomy is an attractive subject. People keen to know more about their future life tend to invest in the particular from time to time. Over the years, modernization and significant improvement in technology have revolutionized this particular field. Astrologers no longer need to conduct manual calculations to chart out the exact planetary locations of their clients and predict their coming future. Parashara Light creates a fusion between the age-old Vedic astrology and modern technology in an efficient manner. Here’s hoping that the points listed within the article are useful and it is finally clear to you that How Parashara Light is helping the astrologers in keeping the art of Vedic astrology alive?