Try These Improv Tips for Your Next Prank Call


Believe it or not, while many great prank calls are pre-scripted beforehand, a fair deal of improvisation occurs the longer the call progresses.

Although you’ll generally have set lines and strategies firmly memorized to help conversations run smoothly, as reactions always vary, the ability to think and come back with witty responses becomes essential.

Improv isn’t just a skill learnt by actors to create great scenes on TV, but also to think of ideas more efficiently, and presenting them in an easy to understand way.

Below are great improv tips you can learn for your next prank call, let’s start!

Learn to Lead

For a prank call to be successful, it’s essential that you do most of the talking, this means initiating and saying things to keep your recipient’s attention.

Like a telemarketer unable to convince a potential buyer their product is useful, a prank call without maintaining their target’s curiosity will generally end with them hanging up.

By letting them do the talking, you’re gradually losing control of the prank call. A great way to counteract this is by simply talking at the same time, saying funny catch-phrases and minimizing on what they have to say. This improv top is foremost displayed on the OwnagePranks youtube channel, and prank call app, delivering the funniest and most clever prank calls today.

Don’t Overthink 

Prank calls are fast and dynamic; this means you probably won’t have sufficient time to prepare the most appropriate and best responses every time. Thinking on your feet to immediately respond with hilarious answers regardless of the situation will happen with practice, so try not to worry too much if you can’t think of something witty.

It’s essential to work with your prank recipient since what they say will enable you to work on something new. By continually asking questions, sharing anecdotes and making jokes, you can bounce off their responses, creating new scenes, the further the prank call goes.

Recognize Distinct Patterns During A Call

You can quickly formulate and direct scenes in a prank call by recognizing what your target is attempting to convey. Responses during interactions aren’t always going to be random, and in fact, a person will probably stick to their guns by telling you the same thing over and over.

Let’s say you’re pranking a store owner, asking whether an inappropriately funny item is for sale. If they continually insist they don’t sell it while being offended you’d even ask, it could be a topic worth working on instead of moving onto the next. For example, you could ask why they don’t like it, while absurdly explaining all the benefits in great detail.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Like anything in life, the only way to get good at something is to practise and emulate the very best. Think of every new prank call as an opportunity to hone your skills, while having a great time fooling others and making people laugh.

Although prank calls are generally fast-paced, you’ll only perform at your very best if you take your time and while your heart may explode out of your chest on your first or second prank call attempt, remember there will be many more.

Like going on a date, things should naturally flow and not feel forced. When prank calling, you need to take your time and resist the urge to respond immediately. A good way is to have lines prepared, enabling for filler moments that you’ll need when thinking of your next line, its also a great distraction if you want to transition into a new topic.

Learn from the Best

A great way to develop your improv skill set is to learn from the best in the business. As mentioned prior, the OwnagePranks youtube channel is an excellent example of how improvisation can smoothly progress a prank call, using many of the tips mentioned above.

There are also prank podcasts you can listen to like Madhouse Radio, Brooke and Jubal and Run That Prank which takes on a variety of prank calls from unsuspecting targets. Shows like these aren’t just excellent learning material, but also inspire new ideas for your next target.

Reading and understanding prank scripts and how they’re scripted is another fantastic resource – try downloading the OwnagePranks prank calling app to see well over 100 prerecorded calls, each presenting a unique scenario.