TOTO bidet. Toilet bidet combo.

Japanese brand TOTO – the product is completely environmentally friendly and with stunning design.

The fundamental factor is the manufacturability of the products. Which allow you to keep the bathroom clean. Thus, TOTO creates a special environment, a kind of philosophy that keeps the bathroom clean and resistant to bacteria. Today, innovative technology ensures revolutionary progress in all areas of life, breaking down even the traditional notion of hygiene and comfort in bathrooms and toilets. A sensational discovery was the invention of Japanese engineers and designers – the toilet bidet combo.

A special coating is applied to the surface of the toilet even before it is fired. This coating provides a smooth surface on which dirt is easily washed away. It does not stay on the ceramics, no yellow stains are formed. In addition, this coating allows us to use less cleaning agents. The Sephiontect coating is made in such a way that it is so smooth that dirt is not trapped on it and bacteria cannot develop.

Balancing form and function, elegance and beauty, smart TOTO sanitary ware will transform your bath and toilet from utilitarian spaces into places for meditation and relaxation. The main room. is one of the most important rooms in an apartment. It sounds pretty humorous, but it’s really where your morning starts. Not with coffee! 

We perceive that smart things enter our lives on the side of phones, televisions, cars. But such a big aspect is so hygiene is left out. And here the Japanese, who are the flagships and locomotives in the promotion of technical innovations, are again ahead of the curve.


  • Toto bidet has beautiful shapes, it has a wider seat, which many people like. A separate remote, which is mounted on the wall or can be stored somewhere on a shelf. When we open the toilet lid, we have a pre-wetting of the toilet bowl. This is done to cover the bowl with a film of water that prevents dirt from sticking. 
  • The bidet has a warm seat. After you sit on the toilet bowl, the deodorizing function is automatically activated, which means that the air is taken from the toilet bowl, the air is passed through the filter and we have fresh air at the output. Many TOTO models have a front and back intimate area flushing function. You just press the intimate area flushing control button and the silicone nozzle comes out the front, which prevents dirt from sticking to itself. The water is fed at a special angle so that soiled residue along with the water does not fall back on the nozzle. It is also possible to adjust the water pressure. 
  • There is a memory for two users, so that we do not constantly pull it. In addition, there is a mode of pulsation and washing of the vast intimate area. After we have washed, we do not need to use toilet paper, just use the dryer. Warm air is supplied to the toilet bowl. The temperature of this air is adjusted to dry comfortably. It will take us about 40 seconds. After using the toilet for its intended purpose, we press the flush button and leave. The toilet will close the lid when we do this. 
  • There is a cistern inside the bidet that contains ordinary tap water through which an electric current is passed. The chlorine contained in the tap water is ionized and acquires antibacterial properties. The water then irrigates the toilet bowl and washes the nozzle itself to kill bacteria. This water is also sprayed every 8 hours. 
  • Men often avoid lifting the toilet seat when using the toilet, thinking it harbors lots of bacteria, and they’re right. Our remote control has a button that allows us to raise and lower the seat without touching it.  In doing so, we don’t have the spread of bacteria.

If the electricity is cut off?

Any model has the ability to perform a mechanical flush by pressing the flush button in the wall. The toilet performs the most necessary function of the toilet in any case.

What is TOTO

TOTO comes from an abbreviation of the Japanese words for Asian porcelain. Formed in 1917, TOTO is the world’s largest manufacturer of smart toilet with an annual turnover of 4 billion euros.

Those innovations that TOTO introduces into its devices, competitors appear only after several years, and patented technologies do not appear at all. It employs 25 thousand people, it occupies two-thirds of the Japanese market of bathrooms, has seven factories in Japan and 16 around the world. TOTO has subsidiaries and offices in Japan, Asia and Oceania, North and South America and Europe. 

TOTO is a true guru in the art of creating sophisticated, high-performance products that are as exceptional as they are comfortable. The company became world famous in 1980 with the invention of the Washlet, a technology that combines a toilet bowl, bidet and warm seat. The use of Washlet and Neorest products in everyday life makes our lives much more comfortable.

Why the price? Expensive!

The price is due to the combination of advanced technology, harmonious design and Japanese quality. Thus, the company creates the best sanitary ware for the best people. TOTO is like Rolls Royce among cars and I-phone among gadgets – the undisputed market leader. We make TOTO products very clear and as accessible as possible to you!

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