How AI Is Revolutionizing Earbuds?

Earbuds are no longer fiddly devices attached to long cords that people struggle with on public transport or while exercising. With modern designs and fully wireless features, new earbuds look to improve on typical headphones or speaker setups. xFyro has been a well-known name in the industry ever since the introduction of their fully waterproof earbuds, and the innovations just keep coming.

Their newest design, the ANC Pro, comes with a few upgrades that might not spring to mind when you first think about earbud requirements. One of which is AI-assisted sound suppression technology. xFyro uses a robust machine learning AI to isolate specific non-urgent sounds (like idle chatter) and alert the user to immediate danger or people talking to them.

How the AI Works?

The AI inside the ANC Pro has a library of over 6,000 common sounds. It uses this library to sort them into critical and non-critical groups. The critical group includes noises such as ambulance sirens, oncoming traffic, personal alarm clocks, or nearby conversation directed at the user. Non-critical sounds are essentially everything else, from engines running nearby and construction work to animal noises and distant urban chit-chat.

The earbuds can then block any non-critical sounds from the user’s ears due to near-perfect ANC of more than 30dB. When a critical noise registers, the AI also turns down the music blasting through the earphones. This allows the wearer to engage with their environment while enjoying their favorite tunes.

One of the best parts about using AI to control noise suppression is that users don’t have to adjust the settings or keep switching their music on and off. The earbuds do all the work, providing perfect noise suppression when needed, making the wearer aware of their surroundings in a pinch.

The AI makes using earbuds in crowded spaces not only incredibly convenient, but it can be safely turned off when not required. Users can opt for complete noise cancellation similar to that of high-quality headphones, or remove noise suppression altogether for a more involved experience. Regardless of personal preferences, the xFyro ANC Pro earbuds are a perfect fit for everyone with an eye for quality.

All About the Build Quality

While AI is a great way to improve earbud performance, they still need a good baseline sound level and build quality to compete with major brands. The xFyro ANC Pro deliver on both fronts, bringing some of the most impressive tech advances to the table.

The speakers utilize graphene in their sound drivers to conduct noise. This ultra-light, super-durable nanomaterial is perfect for the role since it doesn’t degrade when vibrations get passed through the speakers. Graphene is also extremely resistant to heat and water-impermeable, providing even more weather resistance.

When it comes to surviving splashes, the ANC Pros are built to last, but are not perfect in this category. While xFyro is known for their flagship model being waterproof, these earbuds won’t survive full submersion. They will, however, hold up in adverse weather, staving off rain and sweat effortlessly.

To pair the beautiful sound quality and extreme build durability, xFyro also put in some of the best battery performance on the market. The in-bud batteries can hold for up to 10 hours of charge (lowered when using the AI-assisted noise suppression). The compact charger case also has enough juice to give the earbuds another 90 hours of playtime, charging their batteries fully in around 15 minutes. With over 100 hours of available battery life and minimal charging times across the board, the ANC Pro earbuds have one of the best uptimes around. In fact, it would be hard to find a product that can outcompete them.

Keep Moving With xFyro

With so many features to explore, xFyro is one of the brands to watch out as prime innovators in the wearable technology industry. If you want to find out more about their ANC Pro offers, check out their website at

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