6 Most Recommended Pokémon Games You Need to Play


Pokémon has ruled the manga and anime world for more than 25 years now. Its huge success led to the development of a myriad of games that give you a taste of what is it like to live in a world with these cute, adorable yet strong creatures.

Out of hundreds of interesting Pokémon games, it becomes hard to just pick one. Each game offers, exciting Pokémon, new and unique features, various battle styles, and captivating game designs.

Let’s be straight, no one has the time to install every Pokémon game to see whether it’s worth it or not and that is why we have gathered here our list of the best Pokémon games that every Pokémon fan should be aware of.

Let’s take a closer look into the most recommended Pokémon games that you can play anytime and have endless fun.

  1. Pokémon Emerald:

This game stands out for its huge Pokémon collection and the variety of competitions, battles, and exciting abilities of each Pokémon. This game allows you to play with two of your Pokémon simultaneously.

This 3rd generation Pokémon game supports battles of up to 4 players and allows you to train and compete your Pokémon for contests in which they can exhibit their abilities. You can collect as many Pokémon as you want and trade them for points.

  1. Pokémon Gold and Silver:

This game was developed by game freak and published on Nintendo. You also have to complete your Pokedex to gain more XP and get yourself and your Pokémon to a higher level for example you can easily learn here how to evolve Eevee into sylveon using XP and coins.

  1. Pokémon Go:

This game is truly a masterpiece when it comes to real-time gameplay and details. You can turn your GPS on and find Pokémon, have raid or gym battles, and compete in various events to have unlimited fun in actual places.

Hundreds of Pokémon are at your disposal at all times which you can evolve using candies, and poke stores help you get all the necessary gear for your upcoming fights. Most Pokémon game enthusiasts consider this game to be the best in terms of graphics quality and interesting game features.

  1. Pokémon Platinum:

This great video game offers three screen types namely, a battle screen, field screen, and the menu which you can use depending upon the situation. You get poke balls to capture stray Pokémon like sylveon smogon.

Just like in Pokémon Gold, the game initiates the battle screen mode once you are challenged by another trainer or you come into close proximity to another Pokémon.

There is another mode called underground which players can use to earn valuable fossils and spheres which can be used to make in-game purchases.

  1. Pokémon X and Y:

This 3D Pokémon game was released in 2013 and it instantly gained success. Each battle generates XP which adds up and once it reaches a certain level, it can be used to evolve any Pokémon you want.

You can participate in contests, capture wild Pokémon by weakening them in battle and add them to your collection. This game is literally everything a Pokémon lover needs.

  1. Pokémon Sun and Moon:

This is another Pokémon game that stands out for its amazing UI and gameplay features. It offers exciting Pokémon’s, various screen modes, battle options, and much more. You can catch wild Pokémon, take part in raids and gym battles to earn more XP. T

Final Thoughts:

We hope this information proves helpful in your search for the best Pokémon game. So, stop searching for Pokémon games randomly and give these a go-to to save both your precious time and energy.