7 Things to look for while Buying a Smartphone in 2021


Whether you are looking for phones under 20000 or high-end ones like the Galaxy S21 Ultra or the iPhone 12 Pro Max, buying a smartphone can be a worrisome task. The incredible choice from different brands that are available in the market these days, each of them assuring you of top-notch experience, means finding a phone that meets your needs and budget is more difficult than ever before. From an 8GB RAM mobile to lower GB RAM mobiles, there is something or the other for everyone. 

To make your task of finding a suitable phone easier and to ensure your money is spent wisely, we have put together 7 things you need to look into buying a phone in 2021. 

  1. Screen size

Over the years, the screen size of phones has been increasing steadily. These days, it is common even for phones under 20000 to have large screens, say 6.7-inch. Depending on your preference you can select a phone having an appropriate screen size. If you are an iPhone fan, you can easily get iPhone Pro Max having 6.68-inches or an iPhone 12 Mini at 5.4-inches. However, if you belong to the Android category, you can get Pixel 4A at 5.8-inches or a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G at 6.9-inches. 

  1. Processor performance

You need to look at the processor of your phone to get an idea of how it is going to perform for you. Top-end phones usually come with powerful processors to guarantee you incredible performance. However, these phones cost you a lot. These days, even an 8GB RAM mobile with a decent processor on a mid-range smartphone guarantee you quality performance. In opting for such a mobile, you can not only edit high-resolution photos easily but also play any heavy game from the Google Play Store. 

  1. Camera performance

You can decide on buying a phone based on its camera performance as well. The good news is that even the phones under 20000 come with a good camera setup to assure you decent to excellent photos and videos under most conditions. Also, some of the phones provide users with interesting and practical features in their camera app that make them fun to use. Be it a regular lens, a super-wide lens, or a telephoto lens, modern-day phones come with all of them to help you capture the greatest moments easily. 

  1. Battery life

Whatever your needs are, having an 8GB RAM mobile with a decent battery should suffice. The advancements in battery technology have meant a lot of phones these days are able to last an entire day with a single charge. However, depending on your requirements, you can select a phone with a medium-size battery or a larger one. Please keep in mind that bigger battery phones tend to be bigger in size and heavier to hold. If your budget is limited, phones under 20000 with a 4500-5000mAh battery should do well for you under most conditions.

  1. 4G or 5G

5G is the latest buzzword in the mobile world. However, if you own a 4G compatible phone, you can be sure of it not getting redundant any time soon. Also, in India, the 5G network is yet to arrive commercially. If you own an 8GB RAM mobile with support for 4G, then it will serve you well at least in areas where there is excellent 4G coverage. However, if you own a device that supports 5G, it is even better. Though 5G is still some time away, having a device that works with the latest technology always helps. 

  1. Performance vs. Budget

Whether you need phones under 20000 or high-end ones are for you to decide, based on your requirements and budget. However, keep in mind that high-end phones that come with the latest technologies will cost you a lot. The mid-range segment has seen a lot of competition in recent months that you can consider an 8GB RAM mobile under this category. The phones in this category have improved a lot and guarantee you a near-flagship-like experience at a fraction of cost.   

  1. Storage

The amount of storage you need in your phone largely depends on your usage and requirements. If you plan to use your smartphone for at least a couple of years then having a phone with 128GB of storage will suffice. However, if you wish to use the phone much longer than that then going with the 256GB variant will help a lot. The good news is that even phones under 20000 come with lots of storage options. 

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