Google Play Games For Android – Download Free Game


Have you been searching for android game for free download? Then probably you are in gaming heaven. I have got some legit amazing fun games for you. 

If you feel annoyed by the noise and disturbance of the people around you and are thinking to dig deeper into your phone, then you can think of finding a haven in these fun games. Games have foreseen a lot in the past few decades.

They were played on different-different digital gadgets and there was a time when there were gadgets dedicated only to playing video games. Even such gadgets are available nowadays but they are rather bulky and carrying them everywhere is a task.

Playing free online games for android is a much better option than the latter one. Mobile phones are really convenient and portable and can run for hours on a single battery charge. The benefits are many. 

So without wasting any time, let’s jump straight to the list of such google games you can get for free!

Google Play Store (Android) Games for Free Download


  • Rise in Love


A game that works on an adorable love story of Dave and Daisy. If you are keen to test and save their love then this game can help you get your adrenaline levels pumped up. The primary aim for you in this game is to protect Dasiy from slipping off on to the Jetpack Boy’s alluring gifts.

The visual graphics in this free online game for android are really fascinating and you can play this game all day long. Mastering this game is really a task. So if you have it in you, top the leaderboard and save Daisy and Dave’s love story.

  • Snake Beats

snake beats

google_play_badgeTotally a fresh concept among the conventional snake block games. Snake Beats is a new counting on the Google Play Store and it has marked its place by being loved by many avid game players. It follows a simple navigation mechanics in which the snake moves as per the motion of your finger.

It is now among the top fun music games which you can play whenever you want. It is a really easy game that is difficult to master. This game is highly addictive and has some new-gen snakes that slither on the musical beats.

  • Rise up Love

rise up love
Rise up Love is just the simpler and lighter version of the uber-cool game “Rise in Love”. This game was developed so that everyone can have fun with the concept of this game. Protecting Daisy from the gifts of the Jetpack boy is comparatively easier here. Also, the size of the game is small. Hence, it is easier to accommodate this game on your mobile.

  • Sonic Dash

sonic dash
This fun game is all about swiping, hopping, spinning your way through really fascinating and amazing 3D playing environments. Sonic Dash is a play store game that is free to download.

This game stands tall in the ratings and reviews and is loved by many for its fun challenges. This is an endless game that puts your running skills to test. You can select the player of your choice and unlock some good power-ups. 

  • Dancing Blade

dancing blade

It is one of the top fun music games that can give you a fantastic rhythm experience on your mobile. It has foot thumping EDM beats you can enjoy round the clock. The visual graphics of this fun game are inspired by the futuristic tech freak world.

Actually, the gameplay that this game offers is more or less similar to that of the fruit slashing games just that it is more fun and challenging here. It is because you literally got to make your finger move on the musical beats. It is a very amusing play store game that you can free download.

  • Leap On

leap on

If you like to create mess and chaos but are unable to do so in reality, you can always reach out to the Leap On! It lets you do whatever you want and to create as much destruction as you can.

Just hold and drag the ball to swing it around the centre. Your aim is to avoid all the black shapes while breaking everything that comes to your way. There will be power-ups and leaderboards. So download this google game for free and remember to be on the top! 

  • Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure

One of the most adventurous games is Alto’s Adventure. You can download this google game for free. It offers amazing gameplay. You get to glide on a snowboard with your friends in the snow-covered peaks of the alps. It has breathtaking visual graphics and mesmerizing effects like a shooting star, thunderstorms, etc. It has around 180 goals so you don’t have any scope of hitting the boredom in this game. 

  • Tiles Hop

tiles hop

google_play_badgeDo you love EDM? If you love EDM then you cannot miss out on this game. This is one of the top fun music games that let you hop on different tiles on the music of your choice! Yes, you can upload the music of your choice in this game.

There are discreet tiles lying in different playing environments. Its graphics are fascinating and there are multiple options of the balls to choose from. You can look out for this game when you want to destress yourself after a long hectic day. 

  • Magic Twist

magic twist


Tiles and ball may not be a new concept but tiles that twist on the music is definitely a new concept. This is one of the top fun music games available for you to tickle your amusement bones.

Just select your favourite ball and enter the battlefield. Start hopping on the tiles that twist. This will be a new challenge for you which will get your adrenaline levels really high. 

  • Mmm Fingers 2

mmm fingers

Watch out! You need to protect your finger from the monsters. These monsters are very cruel and can eat your finger anytime. Hence your aim is to sweep and protect your finger from these tiny monsters.

This play store game for free download is super fun to play. It tests your agility and that how fast you can sweep off to protect your finger. The gameplay of this game is easy and addictive. It is loved by a huge number of people from the play store. 

With this, the list of free online games for android comes to an end. Try out these games and do let me know in the comments section about your favourite game.