How to Resolve Reliance JioTV App Not Opening Issue?

How to Resolve Reliance JioTV App Not Opening Issue: Do you guys have ever faced an issue with the JioTV app? Well if you do I’ve got an instant fix for the issue “JioTV not working problem” by following some easy and quick troubleshooting steps.

JioTV app android is the most favourite choice for all the android users who wish to watch TV on their smartphones, tablets, Gaming consoles, Pc or laptops. JioTV app will allow you to watch live channels on TV and you can browse all the programs on the go. For iPhone users here is the JioTV app iTunes.

However every app has limitations and bugs, you might come across errors while browsing the application and this could spoil your streaming experience. Recently, while exploring the JioTV app I’ve come across many errors which irritated me and I thought why not share it with others and let them know about it. 

The very first time I got an error which is “unable to process your request please try again later” and followed by another error which says “please wait while we load JioTV and ProjectfreeTV. Unlike another person, even I did some Google search to fix these issues. Most of the users only talked about the error which is JioTV not opening on their Android smartphones.

So if you’re facing an issue like “JioTV not working problem” just like me, then we at AndroidTopTips will guide you step by step tricks and easy fix which will not only resolve your issue but will also give you much better streaming experience on your mobile devices.

How to Resolve Reliance JioTV App Not Opening Issue

Step 1) JioFi Hotspot and Jio Mobile Internet Connection.

The most important thing you need to check is your phone is connected to JioFi Hotspot or Jio Mobile Internet Connection.

Step 2) Speedtest Check

Yes, you need an accurate speed test, because sometimes you may get the errors due to very poor internet speed. So simply visit Google play store and download App for android speed test software to check the connection speed or use any random online took like for internet speed test.

Step 3) Update JioTV App

You need to keep an eye on the JioTV app and need to make sure that your App is updated. To confirm your App is updated, you’ll need to visit Google play store and check the update for JioTV, if it’s not updated please update it immediately cause it’s very important.

Step 4) Clear Cache and App Data and Reboot your Phone.

Now after following step 1 and step 2 still, you face JioTV App Not Opening Issue and the errors are not yet fixed, simply go to settings options then click on App settings and JioTV, Now all you need to do is clear cache fine and App data. Once you finish that just restart your Android smartphones.

Step 5) Open App and Tap on Skip to Sign in now

Once you reboot your device, now simply open the application and tap on “skip” and then sign in now. Once you finish this process, believe me, you will be able to watch any gears TV channels live without any hassles. So this is how I fix the error JioTV App Not Opening Issue hope this will help you too.

Also, If in case you’re still facing any issue and errors it might be the cause of their server connection problem. Hence all you need to do is be a little patience and the errors will be fix automatically within some time. In the worst-case scenario if it’s still giving you errors kindly report it to the developer of the app with the same error message.

I hope this article helps all the JioTV app users and if this worked for you simply comment below and share it with others because you never know they need help too. Thanks for stopping by and reading this article stay tuned for more such useful handy Android tips and tricks coming your way daily. See you guys next time. Bye for now. Cheers!


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