8 Tips on Securing Your Smartphone


Here are 8 tips that can be useful for you if you want to secure your smartphone – 


  • Always check your apps’ permissions

Some apps need more than the basic default permissions. For example, an SMS app is bound to take permission to send and receive text messages but if the calculator app takes permission for network access, then such apps must be handled with extreme care and caution.

  • Secure your smartphone with a password

One of the simplest ways of protecting your phone is with a password. Always use a strong password.

  • Don’t ignore operating system updates

It is important to install the operating system updates as they often include system vulnerability patches.

  • Encrypt your smartphone

An encrypted phone, not a password-protected phone can help to prevent your smartphone from data theft. A password-protected phone cannot prevent a thief from plugging your device into a computer and gain access to all of your personal information.

  • Download apps from approved sources only

The Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store are two reliable sources that give the utmost importance to security. They make available only those apps which are genuine and withdraw apps which are not genuine from a security point of view. Also, before downloading any apps you should make sure the reviews of the app are positive.

  • Install security software

Keep your smartphone protected from malware by downloading apps that help prevent malware, remote data wipe, automatic security advisor and privacy review of apps.

  • Make sure your device locks itself automatically

You need to ensure that you choose the shortest timeout within which your device locks itself automatically.

  • Be cautious of any links you receive via email or text message

You should always make sure that you do not click on any random links that you see in your email or text message.

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