Different Digital Marketing Channels Everyone Should Know


Digital marketing has brought forth monumental changes in devising marketing strategies. 

Right from the infinite customer segment, to creative marketing tactics, digital marketing has proven its worth in a market where traditional marketing was considered the only option. Along with numerous online marketing activities, you will be overwhelmed with the way it transforms your business. 

Albeit, digital marketing channels can be highly profitable for your business, using the right method and set of actions is of pivotal importance. 

The business and marketing landscape has drastically changed in recent years. As an enterprise, taking note of this change and swaying a shift in your marketing methodologies is indispensable.

A strong and effective online presence will direct you to your customers. It also helps a business in establishing its reputation in the market.

Now, opting for digital marketing services doesn’t mean that traditional marketing is rendered ineffective. It means that digital marketing is like a new door of infinite opportunities, something that is beyond the reach of traditional approaches. 

What Are The Most Effective Channels To Be Added To A Digital Marketing Plan?

Almost 3.7 billion people, which is half of the world’s population, are active internet users. Amongst them, 2.7 billion people use social media.  

Using the right digital market plan will connect you with billions of consumers, at the same time. Therefore, digital marketing is an avenue too powerful to be ignored by the forward-thinking entrepreneurs. 

Internet is everything; a medium of communication, an information portal, and an online shopping mall. Using it correctly is your brand’s responsibility. 

But how can you leverage this to boost your business? 

The answer is digital marketing.

The following stats entail the best channels for digital marketing. These include a website, email, social media, organic search, mobile, display ads, and paid search. 

The Steps To Choose The Right Digital Marketing Channel For Your Business 

Now, that you know the top digital marketing channels for your business, here’s one thing you should always remember. 

Not all marketing activities and channels might profit your business. 

If you are new to digital marketing platforms, you need to know how different channels are going to benefit the business. 

Read further to get a clearer picture of what activities you can invest in to gain maximum results. 

  • What are your primary goals?

Your choice of the right channel will depend on the goals you want to achieve. Digital marketing is a multi-verse platform, available for solving various objectives. The following are some major goals brands are concentrated about. 

Brand awareness: If you have a new product and you want a wider audience to know about it before launching its sales, then you want to use digital marketing for brand awareness. For that, you’ll have to use multiple social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Focus mainly on content marketing and apt visuals. Work on photos and videos for raising engagement levels. If your product is concerned with the Gen Z and millennial crowd, then Instagram and TikTok are some platforms utterly helpful to raise brand awareness. 

Generating new leads: If you want to expand your business, looking for new clients, or want to deal overseas, then SEO, email marketing, mobile marketing, and content marketing are some fruitful methods. Moreover, lead generation is the first step for any digital marketing channel. You can even opt for a paid search to draw more traffic to your website landing page in a cost-effective manner. 

Increase website traffic: Improving traffic is the key to escalating search rankings and reaching out to more potential customers. If your website is running on display ads to earn revenue, then increasing traffic is a priority. The more the website improves the public exposure, the more effective it becomes to connect with customers and clients.

  • Improve conversion rates

The best tool used for this process includes Google Search, Google Shopping Feeds, Amazon Resellers, Facebook Storefront, etc. Quality driven content on your website will make it more trustworthy and reputed online. For improving e-commerce conversion rates, opt for mobile responsive websites, social media marketing, and re-marketing methodologies. 

  • What is your target audience?

For any digital marketing strategy to be successful, you need to have the right group of potential customers. You can divide your audience segment into two parts. The first one will be based on their age, location, professional, needs, interests, etc. And, the second part will state whether they are actual customers or influencers.

Suppose, you have an SPF lotion and you want to sell it to your customers. Your ideal customers will be women belonging to 17-50 years of age. Now, that you know your audience segment; devise content and strategies that suit consumers of this age group. 

Several digital marketing tools can help you with your research. Otherwise, you can hire a digital marketing agency to do it for you. No matter the method, the result is to find the right group of audience for your products/services. 

  • Budget allocation

Recently, Tata Motors’ decided to market its maiden Electric Vehicle, digitally. They even allocated 25-30% of the marketing budget for the vehicle to be spent on digital strategies. 

So, why are big brands using digital mediums to market their product?

Because, digital marketing is cost-effective, and offers high ROI. 

Depending on your budget, you can scribble a profitable digital marketing campaign for the same. Some channels might charge more than the others, but they will all fit in your budget. 

The cost will also depend on whether you opt for in-house services or hire a third-party digital marketing company. Methods like content marketing, SEO, on-page, and off-page optimization, organic link building, social media marketing, etc. will take up some segment of your budget. 

So, you’ll have to allocate the budget, according to your expectations and priorities. 

  • The most effective digital marketing channels

So, you’re clear about your primary goals, audience, and budget. The next thing is knowing the best tools for your digital marketing campaign. 

Content marketing: the impact of the right content can be marvellous for your brand. It is the foundation of digital marketing, the most valuable resource on the web. As long as your website is loaded with the right content, the audience will be attracted to it, eventually, increasing your traffic. Explore all genres of content be it a blog, infographic, video content, photos, graphics, etc. 

Social Media Marketing: the rejoicing benefits of SMM are uncountable. They aid in improving brand image, increase traffic, elevate sales and revenue margins, and provides a worthy platform for effective communication between brands and customers. There are several social media channels you can pick. Facebook has a gigantic user base, Twitter can raise brand awareness in a very short time, Instagram and Pinterest have a younger user market, and LinkedIn is the best B2B marketing channel. 

Search Engine Optimization: For 70-80% of users, organic search results matter more than ads. This proves the might of SEO for your business. SEO is a goldmine for any online marketing campaign. Every content published on a website should be optimized for organic search. For the same, keywords are vital. The best place to start researching your keywords related to your business, is Google AdWords. 

Search Engine Marketing: SEM refers to activities paid search advertising, pay-per-click advertising, cost-per-click advertising, cost-per-thousand-impressions advertising. These tactics can help in boosting click-through rates and increase conversions. 

Search Engine marketing is about running ads related to certain keywords on search engines. So, when a customer types something related to your niche, your ad appears to them. Such results are tagged with the Ad favicon on search engines like Google. So, the users know that it is an advertisement. SEM campaign highly relies on keywords. So, you might want to employ the right keywords for it. 

Also, in the long run, some people prefer to ignore such ads. So, you’ll have to tweak your marketing campaigns accordingly. 

Display advertising: This includes banners, overlays, popups, video ads, interstitials, etc. These ads are linked to the landing page of your promoted website. Display advertising helps in brand awareness, adding new customers, and expanding your audience pool. 

Email marketing: Some might say that email marketing was an effective technique before, but it’s lost its touch and caliber today. However, that isn’t true. Email marketing still poses as a versatile and inexpensive marketing technique. It is apt method for lead generation, brand awareness, improving conversion rates, and customer engagement. You can send out newsletter, digests, catalogs, direct advertisements, update mails, and inform clients about special achievements or coupons through email marketing. With the right methodology, email marketing can help in elevating your ROI scales.


Are You Ready To Choose The Best Digital Marketing Channel For Your Business?

Finding the right digital marketing channels for your business might be a tedious task, but it is an important one. Research plays a key role in your digital marketing activities. The more you’ll research, the more easily you’ll sell your brand to the right customers.