8 Biggest Web Design Trends 2020


Web designing trends change continually. It is mandatory to introduce new and innovative ideas to the design of web pages to ensure the delivery of such designs that are unique and capable enough to gain the attraction of the maximum number of users. Accordingly, the designers are constantly experimenting with new trends and techniques in 2020 as well.

The most important and popular designing trends the web designers are adopting at a very frequent rate these days to make their designs attractive and innovative are as under

Dark Mode

One of the most important designing trends for 2020 can be a dark design. The use of dark background can make a web page design more appealing by generating a greater contrast ratio with other sets of colors.

Dark mode has become a hot trend presently which is largely concentrating on giving a choice to the users for enabling or disabling the dark theme. Dark mode web designs seem modern and they’re comfortable for the eyes as well. They are also capable of making colors and design elements a dart.

A collaboration of photos and illustrations

Joining photos and illustrations along with a touch of animation is largely helpful in grasping the recognition and can be practiced as an effective way to interact with the audience. Animated designs are outstanding as an additional tool to text and are usually more efficient at representing and communicating the idea or the message.

Hence, the trend of creating stylish and complete websites with well-executed illustrations is growing at a very rapid rate recently. Undoubtedly, setting an illustration in the appropriate position can ensure an extensive increase in website traffic. However, it is important to take sufficient time while making a choice for the illustrations to be used as the selected illustrations should clearly represent the vision of your brand.

Black and white evergreen web design

Designing the site with no color at all and adhering to only black and white is also emerging as an effective web designing trend in 2020. Concentrating only on black and white without making use of any other color can also give a neat, firm, cool and on-trend website.

The blend of black and white gives the best contrast imaginable as both the colors originate from different points of the color spectrum. Black and white websites are always flawless, reliable, and convincing as it is an evergreen combination that serves eternally and is less likely to go out of fashion.

Minimalist sites with maxi typography

Typography is one of the most popular parts of the design idea in use today as it is a great way to change a website design while staying modernized. The maxi trend that started in 2019, is exclusively for gaining attention. It is the use of typography that is so strong and prominent that it seldom flows out of the page.

You can create design and engagement with the font displaying covered by other parts of the design however it is crucial to keep in mind that the maxi typography has to be flat forever having zero gradient and no 3D elements at all.

Oversized Type and Elements

Communicating a message is easier with oversized elements as they gain the attention of the audience very easily.  You can implement this trend to nearly everything on your page comprising menu icons, images, and fonts, etc. However, it is required to be very cautious while oversizing the elements on the page as utilizing too much of this in one page may astonish the viewers which will head towards the loss of interest.

Hence, make use of oversized elements only for making the message clear, useful, and appealing. Excessive oversizing should strictly be avoided.

Solid Color Blocks

Solid color blocks are an effective way to divide the page content into varied components. This way the design can present several pieces of information in one time while nurturing a tidy style. By using solid color blocks, you can create an unusual array of rectangles and squares in numerous sizes and separated by color. You can even make it easy for your readers to comprehend these small parts of information by making use of small lines of text or photos in each section.

Moreover, you can also decorate the shapes in varying tones that suit the theme of your website. This trend emerges as a great help when you are aiming to give a stunning look to your website.

Motion and Interactivity

It is the tendency of human eyes to get attracted by moving elements such as videos and animations spontaneously. This fact can be employed in web pages as well to ensure the attention of the maximum number of audiences. There are a number of ways including micro-animations, full-screen video headers, moving text, etc. to implement the same on a web page.

You can select the areas of your web page for which you want to gain the highest attention and can introduce this latest web design trend to the same. However, proper and planned utilization of a moving trend is mandatory to make the web page design a success lacking in which may result in a badly designed web page which will ultimately turn out to be a distraction.

Asymmetric Layouts

A large number of web designers make use of grids these days utilize grid as they are conscious about orderly fields and want to play safe This approach can be a little tedious in some instances. Hence, asymmetrical structures are likely to gain acceptance currently that allows shifting further towards brutalism and uniqueness. It also aids in designing a funny and exciting look.

However, it is important to be very cautious while using this trend particularly when you are dealing with huge amounts of live content failing of which may head towards a boring experience for your audience.

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