Digital Marketing Strategy: Top 5 Best Tools for Video Marketing


Video marketing is the most powerful method for digital marketing. This has the highest degree of audience engagement, and that would have a significant effect on the future. After talking to a number of content marketers, I found that they had generated impressive results following the adoption of video marketing. Even social media has made it easier for users to get more engaged with videos by likes, comments, and sharing.

Another intriguing fact is that statistics indicate that about 4 billion people consume video content on social media every day. A recent study found that almost all businesses offering social media marketing services would use video marketing as the primary mode of marketing in 2020. 

Top 5 Tools for Video Marketing

With the rising demand for video content, businesses, marketers and companies are making use of video marketing. Do you want to use video marketing for your business? Here are some great tools that will help you meet your video marketing needs.


Wideo is really an awesome tool for video marketing. Because this tool allows you to create good quality animation videos from scratch then edit and share. This tool comes with many customization features with which you can add your logo, images and background music. One interesting feature of the tool is that there are many free templates available which you can use if you do not know how to create a video from scratch. If you want to create a unique video you can even hire a Wideo professional to create it for you. In the free version, you can create videos of length no longer than 45 seconds. But if you want to make longer videos then you can opt for the premium versions.


Vimeo is a video hosting platform that helps you to upload high-quality videos. When you sign up for the paid edition of Vimeo, you’ll get 7 TB of storage space with no weekly restrictions from which you can access all of your images. Here, it helps you to collaborate with your team members to study and make notes. Vimeo Another useful feature is that you can test the output of various videos on your page. Vimeo is used by many online education companies around the world as one of the most powerful learning management systems.


VideoScribe lets you create a whiteboard animation. This tool allows you to add photos, enter text, add music and voiceovers to your content. However, it can look really easy, but it’s actually a bit of a tiring job at first. Once you’re confident, you can make powerful videos for your users.

This tool offers a large number of free images, music, background themes to allow the user to customize the content. Once you add all of your elements, it converts all of them into a video. You can share this video directly with a variety of social media sites and send it via email.


Filmora is one of the popular video editing software previously known as Wondershare Video Editor. This tool provides simple video editing features such as trimming, brightness adjustment, audio editing, etc. One of the most innovative features of the video device is that it can detect scenes. Other special features of the software include music library, check integration, selection of different themes, filters, etc.

The user interface of the video editing tool is simple and easy to use. Only upload your content to your video editing program and start editing with an intuitive user interface. This tool is the most popular among other video editing tools due to its simplicity. This tool also provides several instructional video guides to help you edit your videos.


Vidyard founded in 2010, and it is a tool which shows many crucial data about your viewers. This video tool has several utilities that give you a lot of details about your video. This helps you to know where your audiences are located and where your videos are shared. In addition, you can also get a lot of interesting data, such as the attention span of your audience and the behaviour of your viewers.

With all of these features, Vidyard enables you to decide which type of video to create to grab the attention of your audiences. Along with that Vidyard allows you to collect email IDs of your viewers at the beginning of each video. Another interesting feature of this video tool is that it offers you different price ranges with different features so that you can choose according to your requirement.


Different tools have different purposes like Vimeo is a video hosting tool which allows you to host your video online. Whereas Vidyard is a video analytic tool which gives you the details about your viewers. Filmora helps you to edit your videos with its different editing elements and Wideo These are the most useful tools for your online video marketing. If you want to promote and grow your business online, then video marketing can make it possible for you.