Detailed review about Magnum Opus Botanicals



Magnum opus botanical is giving tough competition to other Kratom sellers. It is located in Denison. They are offering all-natural botanicals of high potency and incredible effects. They are selling Kratom in the form of powder and extracts. Along with Kratom, different skincare products are also available in their stock. 

The vendor is assuring clients that they will get Kratom of high alkaloids. Their Kratom is harvested and manufactured by using natural solvents and ingredients. Reagents used by them are also harmless. According to the sellers, their customers will always get high-quality Kratom from them. Manufacturing is done by the experts.

The vendor is much more famous because of the extract they are offering. According to the customers, the magnum opus is offering top extracts in the whole market. 

Lab-tested products: 

Quality is confirmed by testing products in the lab. Magnum opus botanicals never sell products without their complete examination. Products have to go through various tests. Only approved and verified products are selected for customers. Moreover, they have shared the result of the lab test on their website. It makes customers confident that the product they are buying is 100% safe for use. It also gives a positive impression to the vendor. 

Kratom products: 

At Magnum opus botanicals, Kratom is available in two forms i.e powder and tincture form. Besides, they are offering combo-samplers to their customers. 

Kratom strains:

Powder of Kratom is available in the below-mentioned strains:

  • Red Sandal
  • Red Bent
  • MO Remix
  • White Borneo
  • White Sandal
  • Stem and vein
  • Gold Bali
  • Green Maeng Da

Kratom tinctures:

Magnum opus botanical is currently selling three effective tinctures of Kratom. They are as follow:

  • Pure M speciosa alkaloid extract
  • Liquid M speciosa extract
  • Ultra enhanced Maeng Da M speciosa Kratom leaf extract


The vendor is standing out by offering a combo sampler to their customer. If any customers want to test their product the combining different strains and making a sample pack is the best option. 

Payment methods: 

Magnum opus botanicals accept payments through various options. These options include money order, check, LLC accepts cash and cash on delivery. 

Contacting the vendor: 

Magnum opus botanical is offering everything which is desired by customers. They have given different ways to contact them. They have welcomed their clients to get in touch with them anytime. According to the sellers, they love to know the queries of their clients and are always interested in solving them. Patrons may get in touch with them using any one of the following methods:

Firstly, by filling “contact us” form available on their website.  

Secondly, sending an e-mail to them is also a good option. Their email address is

Thirdly, customers may send their letter to the mailing address of Magnum opus botanicals. Their mailing address is PO box 1098 Denison, Tx 75020. 

Skincare products:

Their skincare products are very famous among clients. They keep on updating their product line so that every time customers may get to test a new and unique product. Skincare products available at the vendor are as follow

  • Skin Slave
  • Botanical bath bomb
  • Beeswax lotion bar
  • Natural handmade artisan soaps

Customer’s feedback: 

Customers are appreciating them where ever they are given the chance to write a review about them. Many websites including Reddit is filled with optimistic remarks for Magnum Opus Botanicals. Out of all those, I have selected a few and mentioned them as follow: 

“I ordered a 1gram tincture from this vendor. I was overwhelmed as well as shocked when I received my order. They gifted me a free sample pack with tincture. They are so much kindhearted.” 

“I don’t use much Kratom but sometimes I need it like hell. I brough 20grams Maeng da from MoKratom. It was very strong and exactly what I was craving for.” 

“They are mindblowing because of their extracts. I am a huge fan of liquid M speciosa extract.” 

Terms and conditions: 

Before purchasing from Magnum Opus Botanicals, customers should follow all terms and conditions set by the sellers. Some of these conditions are as follow: 

  1. The customer should be above the age of 18 if he wants to buy Kratom or other products from them. 
  2. Purchasing from them means the customer is confirming that he will only use it for legal purposes. The product used in any illegal activity by the customer is not their responsibility and they should not be blamed. 
  3. Purchaser is agreed that the product he is ordering is completely legal in the state where he is living. 
  4. The customer can’t fault sellers for any kind of misuse of products purchase from them. The sellers have mentioned on their website that the products they are selling are not for consumption. Therefore, in case of any issue, the vendor is not responsible. 
  5. The vendor should not be questioned related to the accuracy of botanicals species. The purity of material should not be questioned as well. 
  6. Their products are only purchased and used for research points.

To know more about the terms and conditions of magnum opus botanicals, kindly visit 

Coupon codes and discounts:

The customers are welcome to enjoy incredible deals offered by them. At every purchase, reward point is given to the client which help later to buy product at less cost.  The vendor is offering up to 15% off by applying verified coupon codes. These codes are easily available on different social media forums including Double M Herbals. 


Kratom extract lovers must try magnum opus botanicals. They are well-reputed for selling high-quality Kratom and other botanicals. Their products are of unique taste and effects. It can easily be judged by comparing their Kratom with other vendors. Product prices are also quite less and easily afforded by the buyers. Are you willing to buy from them? Feel free to contact them anytime. You will always be welcomed by their team.